A tree outside Southport College has been lit up by local lighting firm IllumiDex UK Ltd

Students at Southport College have been enjoying a dazzling welcome on their return to class this term. 

A large tree in front of the college, on Mornington Road in Southport, has been decorated with 5,000 new lights, creating a sparkling new landmark that can’t be missed. 

The installation of 500 metres of new lighting has been carried out by local firm IllumiDex UK Ltd, which earned national acclaim when it completed the stunning ‘boulevard of light’ in Southport earlier this year. 

The project saw the firm install 300,000 lights strung across 80 trees along the mile-long Lord Street shopping boulevard, an achievement which earned praise from Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Parliament. 

The IllumiDex team has been busy ever since, creating new lighting in homes, businesses and shopping centres across the region. They were delighted to be approached by Southport College to light up a large tree in front of its University Centre.

IllumiDex owner Steve Clayton said: “The big tree in front of the college is a monster! It is a really good size to be lit up, it took 5,000 lights to do it. 

“When we spoke to them they said to us ‘make it go boom, make it bling’. 

“We have really done that! The pictures and the video of it on our IllumiDex social media sites are great, but you have to see it in the flesh – it really does look good. 

A tree outside Southport College has been lit up by local lighting firm IllumiDex UK Ltd

A tree outside Southport College has been lit up by local lighting firm IllumiDex UK Ltd

“It is a superb new focal point for the front of the college. People can’t miss it. It lights up the whole area in front of the campus. 

“The staff there love it, they are really pleased with it. We like to build a good relationship with our clients. What we say we are going to do, we do. 

“When we spoke with them originally, we were installing the lights along Lord Street and they mentioned that they would like us to do something with their tree. They asked us ‘will our tree look like that’? 

“We said it will look exactly like that.”

As the nights start to draw in, IllumiDex is busy planning its work schedule for this autumn, providing lighting and Christmas decorating services for businesses, schools, colleges and homes across the region. 

Steve Clayton said: “Home owners, and businesses especially, really need to start contacting us and planning what they need now. 

“I am looking forward to putting lighting and Christmas decorations up at local homes, restaurants, bars, schools, colleges, offices, and other places over the next few months.” 

The newly lit-up tree at Southport College has made a great impression already. 

Southport College Assistant Principal Stephen Musa said: “The tree looks great! It really makes the college stand out. 

“Among the things we like is that it is not a stark light, it is a really warm colour. 

“It is very good at highlighting our Southport College University Centre.

 “The team at IllumiDex were really professional, they completed their work on time and at cost.

“It’s a good safety measure too, because it has really brightened up the whole area, and it looks very beautiful too.”

 For more details about Illumidex UK Ltd please visit: www.illumidex.co.uk or email: info@illumidex.co.uk or call: 01704220829 (landline) or 07979158404 (mobile).


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