A scenic photo of the Marine Lake and Kings Gardens in Southport. Photo by Andrew Brown Stand Up For Southport

Local community organisations across Southport are being encouraged to apply to the DHSC Automated External Defibrillators fund for life-saving community defibrillators. 

Applications are now open for the Automated External Defibrillators (AED) fund.  

Community organisations across Southport can apply to the £1,000,000 national defibrillator fund, providing an additional 1,000 community-based defibrillators across the UK. Community-sponsored applications will be submitted to the Smarter Social and London Hearts Charity, with successful Southport applicants demonstrating both community support and AED location feasibility. 

Please apply at the following link: DHSC Community Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Fund (defibgrant.co.uk)

Damien Moore, Member of Parliament for Southport, said: 

“Working with local community representatives and the Department of Health and Social Care, the Government has announced an additional £1,000,000 funding package for additional 1,000 community-based Automated External Defibrillators (AED)’s across Southport and the wider UK.  

“With the proven deployment of community-based AED’s increasing pulmonary event survivability by 40%, it’s essential for the Government and the Department of Health and Social Care to invest in our local healthcare service and equipment provision.  

“I will continue to work closely with local healthcare professionals and AED activists to support community sponsored AED applications, while continuing to advocate for improved paediatric A&E services, ensuring Southport remains a centre of healthcare excellence.” 

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