Blackpool Tower. (Image: LancsLive/BPL)

Note: Thank you to everyone who enjoyed our April Fool’s Day story this year! Blackpool Tower is a famous part of Blackpool and we’re pleased to say it’s staying exactly where it is. Wishing a great holiday season ahead for both Blackpool and Southport! 

Sensational plans have been revealed to relocate Blackpool Tower to Southport. 

The landmark structure celebrated its 125th anniversary two years ago. But bosses in Blackpool now feel that the time is right to head in a new modern direction, while Southport strengthens its Victorian ‘classic resort’ image. 

The initiative also aims to strengthen links between the two most famous seaside resorts on the Lancashire coast. 

A new hovercraft service, which last ran in the 1970s, will be revived, allowing Blackpool residents to easily visit their former attraction. 

Southport was recently awarded £38.5million through Southport Town Deal, unlocking the prospect of tens of millions of pounds in further private investment. 

The ambitious Town Deal proposals mainly centre around redeveloping the Marine Lake area and include a new events, theatre and conference centre; a spectacular light show in the centre of the lake; and a transformed Southport Pleasureland. 

The centrepiece of this will now be moving and rebuilding the 380-ft high Blackpool Tower on the island in the centre of the Marine Lake to improve Southport’s visibility and make a statement around the region. 

The tower, which was constructed in 1894, will complement the adjacent light show. It will take engineers a year to remove and rebuild the tower, with a grand reopening planned for 1 April, 2022. 

A number of new retail and hospitality units will be created around the structure. 

This will include a new drive-through Burger King, which people can walk to via a new walkway to the island constructed using Southport’s famous red tarmac, or drive-through by boat. 

Attracting more visitors will encourage more water sports on the lake including water skiing, synchronised swimming and flair polo. 

The scheme has been made possible through £40million funding from the government’s All Party Regional Investment Locality For Overseeing Outward Linkages. 

Government spokesperson Flora Pilo said: “We are excited to support plans to relocate Blackpool Tower to the Marine Lake in Southport. 

“People standing on the beach in Southport have been able to look across the bay and see the tower, which looks close enough to walk to – now they will be able to enjoy a much closer view of it.

“This will help to strengthen the links between two famous Lancashire resorts and help Blackpool to set a new direction for its hospitality offer. 

“It will also provide a new, visible landmark in Southport to attract visitors from miles around the region, something which has been sadly missing from the town since the tragic demolition of the famous gasometer in Blowick in 2009.”

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  1. Paul Cammack 1 month ago

    Brilliant ? ?

  2. Andy Collins 1 month ago

    Well it is April Fools day

  3. Karen Mastoras 1 month ago

    Lol! April Fool’s Day. ?

  4. Phil Fleming 1 month ago

    Its an ambitious idea but not a good one, Blackpool needs to keep itss heritage as much as all our historic place’s. Blackpool is known for the tower, its rock, the donkey’s. Southport was in by gone times renowned for its hydro hotels and health spas, so lets aee our hotels revitalised, give business subsidise to the the retailers to go the shops open again, allow blackpool its mega casino and make it the gaming and leisure capital of the country. Lets broaden our cities and towns and give them a niche market, liverpool would be the docks for example, chester the Roman wall and tudor buildings. Every area has a selling point. Don’t loose them, build on them and improve them, we have so much history in this country it is untrue. Its a country to be proud of that so many don’t appreciate but still many want to be a part of

  5. Peter 1 month ago

    What a joke haha April fool

  6. Dave Rollinson 1 month ago

    April fools gotta be

    • Mark Swistek 1 month ago

      Must be an APRIL FOOL joke won’t be Blackpool without the tower may as well give them Blackpool trams to go with it. Good idea NOT AT ALL.. It would no longer be my second home . Blackpool trade would suffer badly. Lost enough with covid 19.

  7. Serena Moondust 1 month ago

    Blackpool wont be the same without its tower and famous ballroom and circus. Southport tower doesnt have the same ring to it. How can they do this,i for one dont want this to happen,how could they ever think about it.
    Just thought is this an april fools moment? If not then we must get up a petition to stop it

  8. J shar 1 month ago

    This must be an April fools Day prank.

  9. Sonya Ferguson 1 month ago

    Y9u can’t move Blackpool Tower…its ridiculous it’s belongs in Blackpool …I love having the tower as a landmark ..

  10. Jalaw 1 month ago

    April Fool!

  11. Liza 1 month ago

    Is this an April fools joke???

  12. Graham POTTS 1 month ago

    Hahaha…..good one for All Fools day lol!! wonder how many silly buggers will soak it up. Maybe Robbie Williams will chip in a few million since he weren,t able to buy t,Pleasure Beach!! Bet some saddo still republishing this for months….EXCELLENT!!

  13. carl johnson 1 month ago

    what a stupid idea relocating Blackpool tower to Southport ,whats it going to be called Blackpool tower in Southport, Southport tower. It would be better having something unique like a Ferris wheel ,or a tower with a rotating cafe at the top.

  14. Gary 1 month ago

    WHAT move the tower. WHY.
    it wouldnt be the same, im in my 30 s i loved blackpool as a child and still do now.
    Leave it where it is, think of all them business that wil suffer and they will.

  15. Adrian Burgess 1 month ago

    Keep Blackpool Tower where it is, or you will spoil Blackpool and the millions of visitors each year, don’t let Blackpool go down, you already closing places where people in Blackpool like The Golden Mile and other parts like Pleasure Beach as l been going since l was very little, you will lose the love of people who go Blackpool every year.

  16. jenny nichols 1 month ago

    Is this a late April fools Day joke u can’t move the tower to Southport that’s why it’s called Blackpool tower not Southport tower

  17. Matt Jones 1 month ago

    Doesn’t Flora Pilo spell April Fool?

  18. Digger Dave 1 month ago

    As April Fool’s Jokes goes, this one is particularly poor.
    Any ‘fool’ knows that the Tower has been sold to a Las Vegas casino.
    Secondly Southport has been renamed ‘Sefton upon Sea!

  19. Deborah 1 month ago

    Well it had me fooled.

  20. Mish 1 month ago

    Love it.. Great Article for April fools day ..
    As for you lot in Southport keep looking over the water because that’s as near as your getting to it ever
    Maybe a nice bridge being built between St Annes and Southport , then you can walk to see the the Tower ..

  21. Jamie 1 month ago

    Hope everyone could see straight through this

  22. Martin Sheward 1 month ago

    Cannot move Blackpool tower at Blackpool tower the Landmark of Blackpool I’ll be going to Blackpool since I was 7 years old and I always look at the tower when I am going along in the car or the bus and I shout sometimes there is the tower there should be a petition saying not to move the tower l it will not be a landmark of blackpole anymore and Blackpool will not be the same

  23. Joshua 1 month ago

    Yes it’s very true the work starts to move Blackpool Tower to Southport in the coming weeks.
    The move has taken eight months of council discussion and on Fridays meeting it was decided 78 organisers out of 87 voted In favour of the move. 😉 more information to follow over the coming weeks.

  24. I think this is a really good idea!

  25. Ian mclaughlan 1 month ago

    No chance Blackpool tower stays put

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