Green Sefton is urging people to follow Government guidelines on restricting their exercise

Guest Blog by Rebecca Hughes

I went for a Government-permitted run inn Southport today and could not believe the selfishness and arrogance of some of the people also out for their exercise.
Some people were fantastic, with both of us moving to opposite sides of the path to keep our distance from each other. Some, however, were far less socially responsible, particularly a couple walking their dogs, walking towards me – but walking on either side of the path and refusing to move.
I was given no choice but to break the two metre distance, whilst at the same time being forced off the path and onto uneven, dog poo-strewn ground, risking injury as well as infection.

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Exercise outside is really important to mental as well as physical health, and it is vital that we maintain both during this pandemic. But please can we remember, and remind others, that we can’t expect to just swan through life and expect everyone around us to move out of our way.
If you see someone else on the same side of the street or walking or running down the same path as you, BOTH parties should be making an effort to avoid each other and create additional distance to make sure that BOTH parties are as safe as possible whilst enjoying their permitted time outside.
You are not the exception to the rules; you do not have access to Super Mario invincibility stars; you are putting yourself and your loved ones at risk of infection if you do not take appropriate evasive manoeuvres when out taking your exercise.
It’s not up to other people to keep their distance from you, it’s up to ALL OF US to keep distance from each other.

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