Volunteer Centre Sefton has begun a public consultation aimed at gathering valuable insights and feedback to enhance the volunteering landscape in Sefton.

As a hub for community engagement, Volunteer Centre Sefton plays a pivotal role in connecting volunteers with meaningful opportunities within local charities and groups. 

The public consultation seeks input from residents, community organisations, and stakeholders to better understand the needs, challenges, and aspirations related to volunteering in the Sefton area.

To take the survey please click the links below:

For individuals

For organisations

The consultation will provide a platform for individuals and organisations to share their experiences, voice concerns, and contribute ideas that will shape the future of volunteering initiatives in the borough of Sefton. Volunteer Centre Sefton believes that the collective wisdom of the community will pave the way for innovative solutions and foster a more vibrant and inclusive volunteer culture.

Lauren Jones, Volunteer Centre Sefton Coordinator said: 

“We are eager to hear from the community about their perspectives on volunteering in Sefton.

“This public consultation is a crucial step in ensuring that our efforts align with the needs and desires of the people we serve.”

The consultation period will run until 31st January, 2024, and participants can share their feedback through online surveys, community meetings, and dedicated feedback sessions. Volunteer Centre Sefton encourages everyone with an interest in volunteering to participate and help shape a more collaborative and impactful volunteer sector in Sefton.

Volunteer Centre Sefton provides support to the sector around volunteering recruitment, management, celebration, brokerage and more. The centre gives a voice for volunteering in the borough, gathering information on factors affecting volunteers and organisations and influencing key decision makers to make positive changes for the benefit of the sector.

For more information about the public consultation and how to get involved, please visit the website or contact us at info@volunteeringsefton.org.uk

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