A Southport business owner has spoken of the heartbreaking sight of watching Taliban fighters taking over Afghanistan. 

Samantha Engleby, a business owner at Eckersley’s Blinds in Southport, and her husband enjoyed spending months helping schoolchildren in the country. 

Her husband, Steven, was in the war-torn country helping to build a school there, while she regularly sent over vital supplies. 

Samantha said: “Seeing the recent news about Afghanistan, my heart actually broke.

“How the lives of the people of Afghanistan changed in an instant.

“I have fond memories of sending over monthly school supplies to my husband who worked to build a local school.

“He was so pleased to see the girls holding their new notebooks and sparkly pens 

“They had hope and an amazing teacher.

“She was a beacon of hope to the girls and believed in the future.

“The school was continually bombed .Three times in a six month period my husband, along with others rebuilt the school. 

“The determination of all involved was monumental and the girls were able to eventually access an education.

“Sadly the teacher was killed by the Taliban whilst my husband was there but her message of hope stayed with the young girls.

“Tonight I find myself thinking of those young girls and hope that they are safe.

“I see the teacher’s smiling face and hear the laughter of the girls as they stick Hello Kitty stickers on their new notebooks .

“I wish right now I could send over boxes of cheerful stationary and school supplies. I wish it was that simple…” 

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