Peets Plaice in Southport is celebrating its sixth birthday this Saturday (August 22)! 

The independent local fishmongers on Cambridge Road in Churchtown first opened its doors on August 22, 2014. 

Owned by local fisherman Kevin Peet and his wife Nicola, the couple moved their Peets Plaice shop to Churchtown Village after two years in Southport Market – and are delighted with how their last half dozen years have gone. 

Kevin is often seen fishing off the coast of Southport, where he lands catches including the legendary Southport brown shrimps, which he uses to make potted shrimps, as well as fish such as sole. 

When the coronavirus outbreak struck the UK in March and the Government imposed its lockdown, Kevin and Nicola worked quickly to launch a brand new website and online delivery service so that they could keep their loyal customers supplied with food by bringing orders to them directly. The service has proved so popular that it is now staying in place for good. 

Kevin said: “We have been here in Churchtown for six years now, and our business is going strong! 

“I don’t see many more changes happening for the future. We will just concentrate on opening our doors and letting everyone in. Things are going really well and we enjoy being here. 

“Our first year of opening in our new shop in Churchtown was probably our most difficult, because we weren’t established yet. We were working hard to build up our numbers of customers. 

“But we are definitely established now! We have a very loyal group of customers who know that we offer quality from a family-run business, and they know what we are all about. 

“Our most popular items are our hake loins, our salmon, our home made fish pies, and of course our famous brown shrimps and potted shrimps, which I catch off the coast of Southport. 

Potted shrimps at Peets Plaice in Churchtown in Southport

Potted shrimps at Peets Plaice in Churchtown in Southport

“I have noticed recently that lots of Mums are popping in for our jumbo fish fingers, because they love the quality of them. 

Peets Plaice was based in Southport Market for a couple of years, but moving to Churchtown has been a great move for us.” 

One change they have made came when the coronavirus outbreak happened. Peets Plaice quickly set up a brand new website and delivery services, which has proved to be extremely popular among customers. 

Kevin said: “We have got lots of great customers and we wanted to make sure we could keep getting our fresh and frozen fish and seafood to them during the coronavirus lockdown. So we launched our brand new Peets Plaice website and a new delivery service, which has been incredibly popular.

“We don’t just deliver in Southport, we also head up towards Formby, as well as places like Banks, and out to Burscough. 

“Initially we started delivering our fish and seafood but after customers told us they were struggling to get hold of other home essentials, we gradually added things like eggs, ham, chicken, yogurt, different types of cheese – and even a variety of flavours of Wallings ice creams! 

“Initially it was going to be a temporary measure during lockdown but our customers love it, so our new delivery service is here to stay. 

“As we come into Winter, if it’s too cold for customers to come out to our shop, then they can just order via our website and we’ll deliver to the comfort of their own homes for them.” 

Being  an independent local business, the Peets Plaice sixth birthday means a lot to Kevin and Nicola Peet. 

Kevin said: “People love their small businesses here in Southport. They know how much hard work it takes to set one up and run one. 

“If this was a big firm like Marks & Spencer celebrating their sixth birthday, it wouldn’t mean much to them. 

“But with this being a small business, with where we have come from, it means an awful lot!

“I would like to thank all of our customers for all your support over the years.” 

So how will Kevin and Nicola celebrate their sixth birthday of Peets Plaice today?

Kevin said: “Saturday is very much business as usual! When we have closed up for the day, tonight we might just sit down at home with a nice glass of wine and watch a good movie!”

  • Peets Plaice is situated at 142 Cambridge Road, Churchtown, Southport, next to Churchtown Lights. There is free parking outside the shop. Call them on: 01704 809340. 

For online deliveries, please visit:

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