MIH Bazaar in Cambridge Walks in Southport

Southport’s newest art gallery is ready to be unveiled! 

The Cambridge Walks Gallery, situated inside Cambridge Walks in Southport town centre, is now looking for local artists who are keen to exhibit their works to get in touch. 

The gallery is free entry for people looking to enjoy seeing or buying some local artwork and will be open from 1 May. 

The Gallery is also inviting talented young artists to exhibit their work.

There will be a £25 prize for the winner every two weeks, with the first competition starting from 1 May. 

Stand Up For Southport has provided the first £25 prize, with other local businesses invited to sponsor further prizes for local children. 

There will be two age groups – under 14s, and 14 to 18 year olds.

The art can be in any form, whether it’s drawings, paintings, sculptures, or anything else that you create. 

A selection of the artwork will be on display at the gallery for people to enjoy. 

The Cambridge Walks Gallery is situated above the MIH Bazaar emporium in the arcade, which sells vintage, retro, antiques, shabby chic, clothes, bespoke silver jewellery, furniture and anything else which has been repurposed ready for its new owner. 

Cambridge Walks and Cambridge Arcade have enjoyed a real revival in recent months, with a unique collection of superb independent local businesses and fascinating social enterprises. 

They include: Jaspers Gifts, Naked Peak, Le Boulevard, MIH Bazaar, Jukebox Joint, Make It Workshop, Cranberry’s, The Entertainer, Hungry Monk, Osiris Antiques, Aaron Mark Floral Design, Ebb & Flow Tattoo, Face Value Cosmetics, and others. 

The Cambridge Walks Gallery in Southport

The Cambridge Walks Gallery in Southport

Many of the business owners are looking forward to reopening on Monday (12 April) when lockdown restrictions ease, while also showing off the arcade’s new art gallery. 

John Savage, who created the The Cambridge Walks Gallery and owns MIH Bazaar and the Jukebox Joint, said: “We now have space at the gallery which is both available and affordable for local artists. 

“We have also set aside areas for children to be able to see their artwork displayed, one for under 14s and another for 14 to 18 year olds. 

“It will be free entry for people to come and enjoy seeing some art while they are in the arcade. 

“We are really looking forward to seeing the arcade back open again on Monday! 

“I am definitely wanting to be back open again at MIH Bazaar and the Jukebox Joint. 

“I am missing all of my regulars! I am looking forward to getting the routine back again.” 

While he is looking forward to a good week next week, John believes it may take some time for the town to become really thriving once again. 

The Cambridge Walks Gallery in Southport

The Cambridge Walks Gallery in Southport

He said: “I think it may take a while for everything in Southport to come back fully. People love to come into town and while they’re shopping they will come and sit and enjoy a coffee or some lunch inside The Hungry Monk, or sit and have a pint inside the Tap and Bottles. I am looking forward to May when places like that can reopen fully and people can sit inside restaurants, cafes and bars again. 

“But everything is moving in the right direction now in Southport and with the Southport Town Deal happening and that money coming in, I am looking forward to seeing some exciting changes taking place.

“The new Southport Market is opening in May and Norman Wallis is doing some great things at Southport Pleasureland. There are lots of good things happening in Southport.”

For more details about The Cambridge Walks Gallery, MIH Bazaar and the Jukebox Joint, please message the MIH Bazaar via Facebook here or email: mihbazaarsouthport@gmail.com  

Do you have a story for Stand Up For Southport? Please message Andrew Brown via Facebook here or email me at: mediaandrewbrown@gmail.com


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