Ryan Armitage and Gemma Hussey, Tezlom

Healthcare recruitment franchise Tezlom is celebrating a double accolade after securing a 5-star rating from the latest WorkBuzz survey and being awarded Best Business-to-Business Brand of 2023. 

The firm is based on Hoghton Street in Southport town centre. 

Presented with the prestigious award at the annual British Franchise Association (BFA) conference on 9th November, Tezlom, which has been trailblazing a culture of care within the industry since its inception in 2008, was lauded for being a leading brand for nurturing franchisee and staff wellbeing.

Following an impressive year of growth and development, these esteemed industry accolades pay tribute to Tezlom’s position as a leading light for entrepreneurs entering the franchise industry today. Having won the Best Business Brand category at this year’s awards, Tezlom has been recognised for continuing to set the standards for bespoke business models directly supporting franchisee success. Celebrating another memorable year, Tezlom’s Founder and Managing Director, Ryan Armitage, hopes to use these prestigious accreditations as a platform to push the brand further than ever before as entrepreneurs continue seeking franchises with caring and nurturing foundations.

“This remarkable achievement is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and unwavering support of the entire Tezlom team,” explained Ryan. “Our franchise partners are at the heart of our success, and their satisfaction is our top priority – it’s the beating heart of our brand, and it’s why we’ve placed so much importance on developing our impressive bank of resources over the last 12 months. Satisfied franchise owners go the extra mile, bring fresh ideas to the table, and consistently exceed customer expectations. With our recent successes, we’ve proven how important this element of franchising is today, and we plan wholeheartedly to capitalise on these achievements.

Tezlom Managing Director, Ryan Armitage

Tezlom Managing Director, Ryan Armitage

“We believe this recognition is the beginning of even greater achievements at Tezlom. We plan to continue leading with a focus on respect, support, and collaboration as we work towards becoming the franchise of choice in our industry. Together, we are creating a brighter and more prosperous future for franchising!”

WorkBuzz is an independent organisation that has gathered feedback provided by the franchisees of 300+ brands across the UK since 2011. To secure their 5-star rating and to win Best Business Franchise, Tezlom had to receive exceptional feedback across all key areas of the survey, which they  did with flying colours and ringing endorsements across the board. Amongst highly respectable results within the survey, Tezlom also achieved a staggering 100% satisfaction rating for franchisees feeling valued and respected within the network.

“Congratulations to Tezlom for winning the Business-to-Business category on top of securing a 5-star status at the 2023 Best Franchise Awards, where this year we witnessed record levels of franchisee satisfaction and a more competitive field,” said WorkBuzz CEO and Founder, Steven Frost. “What makes these awards unique is they draw upon actual feedback from thousands of franchisees, whilst providing valuable insights that benefit franchisors and enhance their network performance. We look forward to continuing recognising excellence in the franchising industry in the years to come.”

As the franchise network continues to expand and with exciting plans for 2024, Tezlom is keen to hear from others who think they could join this 5-star, award-winning franchise. For more information, visit www.tezlomfranchising.com/

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