Head Chef Danny Bacha at White House Southport. Photo by Andrew Brown of Stand Up For Southport

A Head Chef who trained under Marcus Wareing in London is looking forward to unveiling an exciting new offering for food lovers when the White House Southport opens this weekend. 

Danny Bacha enjoyed “some of the best experiences of my life” when he learned his trade alongside the multi Michelin Star winning chef and Masterchef Judge at Stage restaurant at the Berkeley Hotel. 

He has also worked at other venues including The Strathearn at Gleneagles in Scotland, The Vincent Hotel in Southport and The Lake House in Waterloo. 

Born and bred in Southport, with three years of training at Southport College, Danny is delighted to be creating something new for diners in his home town to enjoy. 

Visitors will be in for some fun and exciting surprises on the menu at the brasserie and bar at Southport Golf Links, on Park Road West, in addition to some popular classics that are cooked to perfection. 

The White House, which will employ a team of 20 to 25 local employees, opens its doors to the public this Saturday (20th May 2023). 

Danny Bacha said: “White House Southport is going to be an upmarket bistro. 

“People won’t feel alienated by the food they see on the menu. Diners will recognise some popular classics, such as Battered Haddock, Spikes Burger, Garlic Chicken Kiev, Grilled Bavette Steak or Chicken Caesar Salad. 

“But we have also created some pretty special dishes for the foodies out there, such as Thai Style Tiger Prawns with popcorn cockles and mussels, or Roasted Aubergine with flaked almonds, pearl cous cous and oak smoked paprika pesto, or Fried Cauliflower with black sesame and tofu puree and pickled daikon. 

“We want the food to be a bit playful and fun as well. 

“My Dad is half Italian and half Tunisian and I take that food heritage as the inspiration for some of my dishes. 

Head Chef Danny Bacha at White House Southport. Photo by Andrew Brown of Stand Up For Southport

Head Chef Danny Bacha at White House Southport. Photo by Andrew Brown of Stand Up For Southport

“White House Southport is a superb facility for anyone visiting the Southport Golf Links course, but we are also catering for people from the whole area. We want this to be a real destination restaurant. 

“We want people to come in and say this is the best steak they have had, the best fish and chips they have had. 

“We will be open for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, and we have Bar Spike for the golfers and other visitors, where people can drop in for a sandwich and some soup after playing golf. 

“The menu will be ever changing, we are really keen to see what people love the most and what they think.

“I work by a phrase I was told on my very first day working at the Vincent – ‘make it nice’. 

“I am going to put those words up on the wall in the kitchen at White House Southport.” 

For Danny, it has been quite a journey. He has amassed a huge amount of culinary knowledge from the places where he has worked, across the UK. 

He said: “I was born in Southport, I grew up here, and went to school here. 

“I feel very proud to be here at the opening of the White House Southport in my home town. 

“My earliest memory of cooking was alongside my Dad at Pizza & Co on Liverpool Road in Birkdale. 

“At seven years old, I was in there with him learning how to make pasta and how to make pizza. 

Smoked Haddock and Tarragon Fettuccine with crispy Parmesan and cured egg yolk at White House Southport

“After school I completed three years of training on the Catering and Hospitality course at Southport College, under Paul Williams. 

“I owe a lot to him! He taught his students that if something goes wrong, not to panic, and how to put it right quickly. He taught us all really well. 

“He used to bring in some really top quality guest chefs to give us their insights into the industry. 

“After that I worked at The Vincent Hotel in Southport before going to work at the Stage restaurant at the Berkeley Hotel in London under Marcus Wareing. 

“It was an incredible place to work – I enjoyed some of the best experiences of my life there. 

“After Stage, I went to work at The Strathearn Scottish fine dining restaurant at Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland. 

“Then I came back to Southport and returned to The Vincent, when I became Head Chef. 

“I learned a lot in that role about running a kitchen and managing a team. I enjoyed it. 

“The opportunity then came up to join Sefton Hospitality Operations Ltd at The Lake House in Waterloo, and I have been with them ever since. It is a great company to work for, with good opportunities for career progression.

Thai Style Tiger Prawns with popcorn cockles and mussels with crusty bread at White House Southport

“I would like to say thank you to Gareth, my Sous Chef Liam and the entire Lake House team.”

The new White House brasserie and bar will offer “an elevated dining experience” to visitors.  

It is operated by Sefton Hospitality Operations Ltd (SHOL), which already runs the thriving Lake House in Waterloo and operates the Beach House concession at Ainsdale Beach.

Open seven days a week, The White House will welcome guests for everything through breakfast, lunch and dinner, to afternoon tea and cocktails.

Its offering promises the very best in seasonal produce, alongside a warm and welcoming atmosphere and impressive views thanks to its beautiful setting at Southport Golf Links.



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