Southport Artists For Ukraine are holding a fundraising art sale, art exhibition and community event at Southport Market from 7th April to 10th April 2022. Photo by Andrew Brown Media

The four-day ‘Southport Artists for Ukraine’ charity fundraising event opens this Thursday (7th April) at the Southport Market Events Hall. 

Visitors will be able to enjoy four days of art exhibitions, art sales, poetry, music and performance, from Thursday, 7th April to Sunday, 10th April. 

All money raised from the event will go towards helping people fleeing the war in Ukraine. 

The event has been put together in just four weeks by a team dedicated to supporting Ukrainian people displaced and affected by the conflict in their country.

One of the organisation team, Tony Wynne, has outlined just who has been involved in the event and what they aim to achieve.

He said: “We have all seen the crisis in Ukraine unfold over the last four weeks and it is the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War. It was the media images and news feeds that spurred a group of us into action.

“We are all from different backgrounds: Serena Silcock-Prince from Silcocks Leisure Group, Suzy Walker from The Gambolling Arena Theatre Co, Andrew Brown from press and media and Julie McDaid and myself from the visual arts. But we are all united in a common cause and hopefully bring our own specialty skills to make it work.

“We really appreciate all the performers for giving their time and our artists for donating their art. 

“In terms of the artwork being donated we can honestly say it’s one of the most eclectic exhibitions we’ve ever put together; with street art next to traditional watercolours and equine art next to photos of the Red Arrows!”

Apart from the artwork there is a full programme of music and performance over the four-day event. On Friday 8th April there is from 10.30am Ukrainian poetry then at 11.30am John Coates sings ‘Songs of Freedom and the World’. 

Between 1pm – 2pm there is a special performance by the Rock School from EDDA.

Saturday 9th April sees at 11am-12pm – Ukrainian Country Dance, at 1pm Ukulele Buddies and at 2pm Southport Market rocks to the JKH Band!

On Sunday 10th April, Ukulele Buddies return at 1pm after Ukrainian poetry at 11pm and then at 2.30pm Jacqui Lewis – Broadway vocalist.

Thursday 7th April sees a special event between 6pm – 9pm with from 6pm – 6.25pm  Ukrainian poetry reading by actors Leo & Natalie – under scored by Susan Lambert world renowned harpist. 6.30pm sees Brown En Blonde singing soul and R&B and at 7.20pm there’s Ramzy – Smooth vocalist. 

This is a bookable event with FREE entry, just email:

The evening event will also see the start of the Grand SAfU Raffle, organised by Serena Silcock-Prince, with fantastic prizes donated by local and regional businesses.

The ‘Southport Artists for Ukraine’ event is at Southport Market Events Hall, King Street, Southport. It is open 10am to 6pm 7th – 10th April (Thursday 6-9pm by FREE ticket only)

All proceeds from the event go to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) to support Ukrainian people displaced by conflict.


Do you have a story for Stand Up For Southport? Please message Andrew Brown via Facebook here or email me at:

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