The Marine Lake in Southport. Photo by Andrew Brown Media

Sefton has today been named among the top 20 places to work from home in the UK. 

Working from home is becoming the norm for millions of people since the Coronavirus pandemic hit the UK in March. 

The current Tier 3 restrictions in Southport and the Liverpool City Region have seen the Government urge people in our region to work from home if possible. 

Sefton has today been ranked the 17th best place in the UK.

The Uswitch Remote Working Index 2020 combined a number of factors, including average property prices, amount of green space, crime rates, and average broadband speeds, to create a ranking of over 100 towns and cities across that UK that offer idyllic working from home conditions.

 Harrogate was the winner for 2020, thanks to its clean air, excellent access to the countryside, low crime rates and high-quality schools, according to the report by Uswitch, and has left Britain’s cities in the shade.

While Bath and the Mendip area of Somerset were considered good places to work from home, Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester were not. In the study of 100 places, for which more than 2,000 people were questioned, Manchester came last, London 88th and Birmingham 82nd. The researchers found that access to green spaces was one of the most important issues for people, with more than half of respondents citing outdoor space as a priority.

This was followed by low crime rates at 43 per cent, fast broadband at 34 per cent and good air quality at 28 per cent.

As many of us resign ourselves to the fact that working from home is going to be the new normal for the foreseeable future, we’re starting to change how we think about where we live.

In the past, an easy commute to work was a major influence on where you might choose to put down roots, but as the world continues to change and adapt to coronavirus that’s no longer the case.

Adelana Carty, broadband expert at, said: “The pandemic has turned our working routines upside down and given many of us a taste for what our lives could be like if we worked from home on a more permanent basis. Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in millions of people dreaming of ditching the rat race and moving away from the big city.

“Our Remote Working Index reveals some of the country’s best places to work remotely and Harrogate comes top thanks to its superfast broadband, huge amount of green spaces, good schools and great doctor numbers.

“With the likes of Derry and Wigan so high up the list, it shows how different our priorities are once we are liberated from having to worry about the length of our commute.

“After house prices, the amount of green space in the area is the biggest priority for people hoping to work from home, and places like Swansea look hugely appealing when you think of the gorgeous Gower peninsula on its doorstep.

The Uswitch Remote Working Index 2020

The Uswitch Remote Working Index 2020

The Uswitch Remote Working Index 2020


“If you’re moving to a new area to work remotely, the speed and reliability of your broadband connection could be one of the most important things about your new location.

“Do your research and run a comparison online to see what speeds you could get before you commit to the move.”

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