Wrights Performing Arts

Wright’s Performing Arts presents The Lost Secret at The Atkinson Theatre on Lord Street in Southport on Thursday  25th July and Friday 26th July 2024. 

The shows are at 4pm. 

The production is based on ‘The Secret Garden’ by Francis Hodgeson Burnett and is suitable for families and children of all ages. 

The show features local Southport children and young adults from ages 3 – 22. It includes acting, singing and all styles of dancing. 

Tickets can be purchased from the box office or by using the following link. 


Wright’s Performing Arts is a local performing arts school, which does a lot of work in Churchtown and Southport with young people, in particular teenagers who join its volunteer programme. 

There are classes for children all through the week and on a Saturday as well. 

Wrights Performing Arts

Wrights Performing Arts

The school is led by Alison Wright whoI rebranded the name of the school in the summer to celebrate her achievements away from what her mum originally created. 

Wright’s Performing Arts has classes in ballet, pointe work, tap, modern theatre, jazz, national, Acro, street dance, drama, musical theatre and Alison Wright also teaches first wedding dances. The school takes children from two and a half years old up to advanced level. 

It offers exams with internationally recognised exam boards and also performs in the community and at theatres across the North West. 

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