Mayor of Sefton Cllr Clare Louise Carragher (second left) at the opening of the new Birkdape Pantry in Southport, along with three Compassion Acts volunteers. Photo by Matt Dodd

Local anti-poverty charity, Compassion Acts, marked the official opening of its fifth branch of Southport Food Pantry, based at Liverpool Road Methodist Church in Birkdale.

Southport Food Pantry is a weekly food club where members can shop at significantly discounted rates.

Prioritising dignity and choice, its aim is to support people who may be ‘just about managing’ or at risk of struggling financially.

In addition to savings on food and other essentials, members are offered help with wider issues they might be facing such as with benefits or debt, as well as signposting to other specialist services.

There is also a social aspect, as members are given an opportunity to catch up with each other and with volunteers over a hot drink.

In addition to the new Birkdale location, there are pantries in Banks, High Park, Southport Town Centre and Formby.

The Pantry was officially opened today by Mayor of Sefton Cllr Clare Carragher who commented it was her first visit to a Food Pantry and was “really impressed” by the scale of the project and its obvious sense of kindness and support.

Also in attendance were funders the LFC Foundation and other local leaders.

Already a friendly group of members have started attending the Birkdale Food Pantry each Wednesday morning.

A woman in her 50s with a complex family situation, praised the project saying: “The staff are all so helpful and make us feel welcome.

“If you are in a position where you’re struggling for any reason, do not hesitate to become a Pantry member because it’s all about making your own choices and looking after yourself better.” 

Anyone interested in joining Southport Food Pantry at any of its locations can contact Compassion Acts on 01704 264505 or visit

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