A mysterious metal monolith has appeared on a beach near Formby. 

The 8ft high object has been spotted amidst the sand dunes on Hightown Beach. 

Dozens of people have discovered the object, and have posted their images on Instagram or Facebook. 

Mystery surrounds exactly what it is – or how it got there. 

Similar sculptures have appeared in locations around the world over the past few months, without explanation. 

Are monoliths the modern day equivalent of crop circles? 

The monoliths are often found in obscure locations before being removed a few days later.

The first was discovered in the US, when a helicopter crew flying over a remote part of a Utah desert counting sheep spotted a strange statue below.

This metal monolith was found on November 18 and disappeared just as mysteriously as it appeared on November 27.

Around the same time as the Utah one vanished, a shiny metal monolith appeared on the other side of the globe in the Romanian hillside.

Have you seen the Hightown monolith? Please post your pictures! 

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