The song 'Marie Curie', written by Southport singer/songwriter David Walker, will be released on the 1st December, both online and on CD, to raise money for the Marie Curie charity

The song ‘Marie Curie’, written by Southport singer / songwriter David Walker, will be released on 1st December, both online and on CD, to raise money for the Marie Curie charity.

The song idea came from David’s appearance in a play called The Radiant at Formby Little Theatre last year. 

The play tells the story of Marie Curie’s struggle to have her work accepted by a male dominated scientific community. 

The song was originally written as a tribute to actress Becky Weymouth, who played the great lady in the play.  

Local musician, Jenny Wren, came up with the idea to make it a fundraiser.

A seven-piece band was put together including local musicians and the song was recorded in the Arch Recording Studios in Crossens, Southport.

The United Voice Show Choir was arranged and conducted with great skill and enthusiasm by James Loynes who said about their involvement in the project: “It was such a fun experience for the choir, so rewarding.  They learnt a lot about the process of recording in a studio and they’re so pleased to be involved with a project that celebrates such a wonderful charity.”

The whole project was produced, engineered and mastered by Tom Percy from Rhythm Rooms, assisted by Tom Dring at The Arch and both sessions were filmed by Ginificent Video.

The composer, David Walker would like to give thanks to all the people who contributed to the recording: Jenny Wren, Jo Howarth, Stan Alexander, Peter Beahan, Mike Rimmer, David Aindow, James Loynes, the One Voice Show Choir, Ginificent Video, Tom Percy and Tom Dring.



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