A coronavirus / Covid-19 sign in Churchtown in Southport. Photo by Andrew Brown Media

Families and businesses in Southport face six months of new lockdown restrictions as the Prime Minister today announced a series of new measures to combat Covid-19. 

Boris Johnson said drastic action must be taken with the UK now at “a perilous turning point”. 

Southport, and other areas in the Merseyside region, were today placed in local lockdown measures which include pubs, restaurants and cinemas having to close at 10pm, table service only in hospitality venues and essential rail travel only. 

Speaking in the House of Commons today Boris Johnson revealed similar measures would be in force in England with similar measures due to be announced by First Ministers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Mr Johnson says they are being brought in because “a stitch in time saves nine” and this is not a return to the full lockdown, so people are not simply being told to stay at home.

Boris Johnson said “we must act now” to avoid “graver consequences”. 

The “common sense” and “fortitude” of the British people averted an even worse catastrophe by locking down in March, he adds.

“But we always knew… the prospect of a second wave was real.

“I’m sorry to say we’ve reached a perilous turning point.”

New restrictions include: 

Measures include: £200

  • £200 fines for not wearing masks in shops or taxis
  • Fines for breaking rule of six
  • 10pm closing times for pubs and restaurants
  • People asked to work from home where possible
  • No return of fans to stadiums including Southport FC, which was expected to happen this October 
  • No Business Conferences, which were expected back in October 
  • Restrictions may last for six months after we reached ‘perilous turning point’
  • The Prime Minister will make a televised statement to the nation at 8pm 
  • Police will be deployed in greater numbers to enforce the new rules and can call on military support if needed 
  • Last night the Uk was moved up from Alert level 3 to Alert Level 4 – the highest since mid-June


The Prime Minister said he wanted to strike a balance between keeping people safe and trying to reduce numbers of Covid-19 cases, while also keeping businesses and schools open. 

He said that tougher rules could come in if the measures announced today are not successful. 

Possible restrictions which weren’t announced today include: 

– Restrictions on household mixing that currently exists in infected areas 

– Anything that looks like a “circuit break” asked by scientists last week 

– Closing schools

The Prime Minister’s 10pm  curfew will come into force in England from Thursday. 

Mr Johnson also urged the need for people to follow social distancing guidance, wear face coverings and wash their hands regularly in order to slash the rate of infection.

Plans for a partial return of sports fans to stadiums from October 1 have also been ‘paused’ while the number of people allowed to attend weddings is being reduced from 30 to 15.   

The maximum number of people who can attend funerals remains at 30.       

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