Princes Park in Southport. Photo by MS Photographic

This week’s revelation that The Cove Resort is moving to a new location further along Southport seafront has now opened up a prime leisure site in Southport – Princes Park. 

The Cove Resort will now look to build its ambitious £75 million scheme, which includes a leisure lagoon, a four star hotel and a thermal spa, on the Esplanade site, next to the Southport Lifeboat station and across the road from Victoria Park. The views along the coast will be breathtaking. 

The Cove Resort co-founders Tony Howard said: “The Esplanade site was always number one on our list. It is quite exceptional to have such a stunning natural backdrop and yet be only minutes from the town centre by foot.”

In recent years The Cove Resort has explored the potential of making its home at Princes Park. 

Now it has moved along, it opens intriguing possibilities of what Southport can now expect on one of the most attractive leisure sites in the North West. 

For years, one of the things Southport desperately needed was more reasons for people to visit our resort. 

We wanted top quality leisure destinations that would attract visitors in greater numbers; spending more time here; and spending more money. 

The £150 million being invested in the new Cove Resort in addition to the new Marine Lake Events Centre and the Light Fantastic will do just that, in addition to the funding being delivered at sites such as The Grand, The Garrick and others. 

Suddenly having the option of what to attract to Princes Park can only add to that increasingly quality offer. 

There are no plans currently in place at Princes Park. 

Sefton Council will now begin the process of exploring any opportunities to fulfil the area’s full potential. 

It has much to offer. It faces the seafront; it’s next door to the busy Ocean Plaza Leisure park; and adjacent to the bustling Southport Pleasureland, which continues to redevelop each year. 

It is also near Marine Lake and just a few minutes’ walk from Southport town centre. 

It has massive potential for an operator with the vision to create a real wow factor. 

There is sure to be huge interest. 

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