Churchtown Lights in Churchtown in Southport

New cycle lanes could be installed between Hesketh Park and Crossens in Southport as Sefton Council seeks to encourage more people to cycle and walk short journeys and avoid driving. 

The number of lanes at Churchtown lights could be reduced, creating a safe space for people cycling. 

Sefton Council has launched a consultation over the proposals, with people’s views sought.

The existing cycle lanes along Preston New Road could be improved, providing wider family friendly cycle lanes which are separated from traffic. 

Traffic lights may be installed at the North Road / Fairhaven Road junction while Little Bibby Road could be closed to traffic. 

Sefton Council is looking to create a North-South cycling route stretching from Ainsdale to Crossens saying “we want to make the roads and streets easier for everyone to move around.” The council recently declared a Climate Emergency in the borough. 

Last year Sefton made a number of changes in Southport town centre, which included: blocking Queens Road to vehicles; installing cycle lanes and removing parking bays along Hoghton Street; and reversing the cycling ban on Chapel Street, Tulketh Street and Wesley Street, in a bid to make the town centre area easier for pedestrians and cyclists. 

Now Sefton Council wants to extend the scheme north towards Crossens and south towards Ainsdale. 

Sefton Council wants to hear people’s views before Sunday 27th June 2021

By calling: 0345 140 0845 

Or visit: 

Or email:

Sefton Council has secured £700,000 from the Department for Transport to make the changes. The money must be spent by 31st March 2022. 

Here are the changes Sefton says it wants to make from Hesketh Park, through Churchtown to Crossens: 


Route 1 – Hesketh Park to Plough Roundabout


Passing • Churchtown traffic lights and shops. • Marshside Primary School. • Churchtown Nursery. • Presfield and Merefield schools. • Preston New Road Post Office. • Latter-Day Saints Meeting House. • Fairhaven Road junction shops; Langdons / Laundrette / Croppers Hair Design.


Park Crescent 


We would like to put in new crossing points to make it easier to get across the road to get to Hesketh Park. We would like to add in a new separate family friendly cycle lane on the park side of the road for two way cycling. For people who drive and want to park, car parking will only be on the side of the road where the houses are. 


Cambridge Road and Little Bibby Road


Along Cambridge Road we would like to make the distance you have to walk to cross the side streets shorter. We would like to put in more places to stop and rest and create more shade and shelter.

We would like to close Little Bibby Road to vehicles and make this only for people walking and cycling. 


Churchtown Lights 


At Churchtown lights we would like to make this junction easier for people to cross and for people to cycle through. We will do this by reducing vehicle lanes and creating safe space for people cycling within the junction. 


Preston New Road 

Preston New Road in Southport

Preston New Road in Southport

For people walking our ideas include changing the crossing points so people can walk across in one go. Making Preston New Road better to cross. For people cycling our ideas include upgrading the cycle route which is already there to meet national standards. This will include providing wider family friendly cycle lanes which are separated from traffic.

As the route gets closer to the Plough Roundabout the route for people cycling will follow the hedge and then go to the roundabout.


North Road / Fairhaven Road junction


For people walking and cycling our plans and ideas include changing the mini roundabout at North Road, Fairhaven Road to a traffic light-controlled junction with push buttons for people crossing. This will make the junction easier for everyone to use.


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  1. Sue lawson 3 weeks ago

    have just seen Sefton are considering putting cycle lannes on Preston New rd, this will be extremely dangerous
    This is the main road into Southport and the is used by a lot of traffic especially in summer. Large wagons, large farming machinery and coaches use this route into the town.
    There are 4 schools on this road so problems would be made for the parents that have to use cars to drop children off. 2 of the schools have a lot of bus and taxi transport dropping children off this would cause problems to them and upset the children they are transporting, one school is Presfield and the other is Peterhouse
    If parents can’t park on Preston New rd they would then park on Larkfield lane thus causing even more congestion down Larkfield lane causing more problems for the residents.
    Now we come to the problems it will cause for the people living on the side roads we struggle to get out of Glenpark dr onto Preston New rd now and especially in summer. this would be made worse if there are traffic lights at Fairhaven and Preston New rd, we struggle now with the coast rd been closed, I would envisage Glenpark becoming busier with people trying to avoid the traffic lights.
    Sefton put in cycle lanes down Queens Rd and Hoghton st and its been shown they are hardly used, are they just trying to kill Southport off by deterring people coming to the town
    I really am unhappy with this idea as it really is not needed

  2. Steven Miles 3 weeks ago

    Absolute joke, just stop making things worse for this town are you actually mad how worse it will Make the traffic and delays. Pathetic

  3. Louise Douglas 3 weeks ago

    Before moving to Southport I didn’t have much time for the people who wanted to leave Sefton. I am now behind them 100%. It feels like Sefton are ideologically set on destroying Southport. They’ve been given this money by the government and need to be “seen” to be rolling out these schemes but it’s only Southport that’s having this imposed on them. The Labour heartlands (and I say this as Labour voter) are being left untouched. The fact remains Southport has a large elderly population – these people need cars and parking spaces not cycle lanes.

  4. Maggie Hughes 3 weeks ago

    I completely agree with all of the above by Sue Lawson regarding the plans of Sefton Council. I would also add the needs of older residents of Southport and hos are infirm or disabled. They are unable to walk far and complete a journey walking or cycling therefore most of these schemes would seriously reduce their ability to drive to their destinations or make journeys longer which their health may not permit.
    Sefton Council seem to have one focus and mission which has a narrow focus and permits the exclusion of elderly and disabled.
    I trust they will look at such schemes which are not fully inclusive of all Southport residents.

  5. Chris Wilkinson 3 weeks ago

    Extra provision for cycling and walking would be extremely welcome. Arguing that it would hinder parents dropping off children at school is self defeating, that’s the point. Parents and kids should be cycling or walking to school as this then reduces the amount of cars thus making it safer, same for the town centre. All European towns that have encouraged cycling/walking have seen an increase in town centre business rather a decline. Caveat is that cycling/walking schemes will not work by themselves, there needs to be a deterrent for car use in order to discourage it eg make it harder to park or encourage greater use of subsidised public transport.

  6. Carolyn Rodwell 3 weeks ago

    I do not agree with the new proposals. PNR is the main road into Southport. Traffic will be horrendous especially in the summer. The town centre has been ruined by these cycle lanes. It is just killing the town so there will be no need to visit Southport. I rarely see anyone in the cycle lanes. People can cross the churchtown lights quite effectively with the light system.I am an elderly pensioner and it is not a problem. Stop ruining our town

  7. Allan moorcroft 2 weeks ago

    Little Bibby desperately needs closing to traffic. It’s an absolute death trap with cars feeling the need to mound the kerb to drive through regardless of children on bikes or mums and dads with prams. Well done Sefton

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