A scenic photo of the Sandpipers Centre and the Marine Lake in Southport. Photo copyright Andrew Brown Stand Up For Southport

B&Q in Southport has pledged to help refurbish the gardens at the Revitalise Sandpipers Centre, which overlook the beautiful Marine Lake. 

This refurbishment will go a long way in making the centre’s outdoor space even more inviting for guests, colleagues and volunteers.

Revitalise creates fully-accessible respite holidays for disabled people and carers, providing much-needed breaks, support and enriching experiences. The Sandpipers centre has become a place of care, community, and joy for those who come to have a brilliant holiday and enjoy fantastic facilities like the hydrotherapy pool, in-house entertainment and excursions.

The support has been made possible thanks to the B&Q Foundation launching a nationwide scheme to support projects that improve and develop spaces that benefit their local communities.

Under this initiative, B&Q Southport has announced its support for Revitalise Sandpipers. 

B&Q’s generous support will help refurbish the gardens In the coming weeks.

The General Manager of B&Q Southport and his colleagues will visit Sandpipers armed with garden furniture, gardening tools and plants to keep Sandpipers garden in bloom all year round.

From B&Q Foundation’s brilliant Volunteering 2023 scheme, a team of six volunteers will join George and his colleagues to lend a hand to this refurbishment, breathing new life into this cherished community space.

Kelly Walling, General Manager of Sandpipers, said:

“As a centre we are very excited and incredibly lucky to be given this amazing opportunity for our lovely grounds to be refurbished by B&Q . 

“This will highlight the already beautiful views when looking at the Marine Lake and enhance our guests’ holiday and the time they spend in the outdoor area. 

“The gardens at Sandpipers are massively enjoyed by guests and colleagues, so we are so looking forward to seeing the outcome. 

“Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, B&Q!”

The work from B&Q will commence in September 2023. 

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