Robert Lloyd Parry

People can enjoy hearing two of the greatest ghost stories in Southport this November. 

Nunkie Theatre Company presents A Pleasing Terror – Two Ghost Stories by M R James, performed by acclaimed Southport actor R M Lloyd Parry, at The Atkinson on Lord Street in Southport, on Thursday, 4th November, from 7.30pm. 

As part of a national tour Southport-based actor Robert Lloyd Parry will be retelling two of the greatest tales by M R James, the master of the English ghost story.

In Canon Alberic’s Scrap-book, a young Cambridge antiquary discovers the devil in the details of an old book in a medieval town in the French Pyrenees. In The Mezzotint a ghoulish revenge is enacted within a work of art, before the helpless eyes of a museum curator in Oxford.

The ghost stories of Montague Rhodes James [1862 – 1936] are widely regarded as the finest ever written and, over a century after their first publication, they’ve lost none of their power to terrify and amuse. James wrote them to perform at Christmas to friends in Cambridge, in the years leading up to World War One.

This gripping one-man show gives theatre goers the opportunity to experience these eerie masterpieces in the manner in which they were originally enjoyed – as ghostly confections, told by candlelight, to a rapt audience.

“M R James dedicated his stories to ‘those who have at various times listened to them,'” explains Robert Lloyd Parry, “and I try to evoke the tone and atmosphere of his original performances.”

A Pleasing Terror is part of Nunkie’s M R James Project, a series of six one-man shows that Robert has been touring since 2006, travelling all over the UK, USA and Ireland.

In 2015 he played M R James in Mark Gatiss’s BBC2 documentary ‘Ghost Writer.’ 

***** Wonderful, magical storytelling. A pleasing reminder that the spoken word can be as spine-chilling as anything in the cinema. – The Daily Mail

Suitable for ages 12+

For tickets call the Box Office on: 01704 533333 or visit:

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