Oleksiy Danko and Anastasia Kozmina fled Ukraine and have set up Uklean, a new dry cleaning business in Southport

A young couple who lost everything when bombs began to fall on Ukraine have set up a new business in Southport. 

Anastasia Kozmina and boyfriend Oleksiy Danko, both aged 22, were born and grew up in a small village in Ukraine and were looking forward to a bright future together. 

Anastasia worked as a lawyer in a private company that was engaged in the registration of trademarks, while Oleksiy, having received a higher education as a pharmacist, worked at a drug manufacturing plant and at the same time dry-cleaned furniture. 

But earlier this year their lives were torn apart when Vladimir Putin’s Russian forces invaded their homeland and they were forced to flee. 

They have since moved to Southport where they have been provided with a new home courtesy of former Southport Visiter journalist John Siddle. 

They have now launched their new Uklean business, which dry cleans upholstered furniture, as well as mattresses, carpets, chairs, armchairs, etc.

Anastasia said: “We were forced to leave Ukraine because of the beginning of the war in our country. 

“We were simple people from a small village trying to build the best life for ourselves in Ukraine. 

“We have been working and studying in Kyiv for the past five years.  

“On February 24, our life was divided into before and after.  

“Waking up that morning from the explosions, we had no doubt that we should run as far as possible. 

“At that moment, we lost everything, our house, our job, and most importantly, our security and hope for the future. 

“We stayed on the road for about two days, always being under shelling and destruction of Ukrainian cities.

“When we finally found ourselves in safety, we were lucky enough to meet a sponsor who is already our family, John Siddle, who kindly offered to move in with him.

“And here we are in England.  It’s been about three months, but our souls are still in that terrible February.” 

Anastasia and Oleksiy are both now working hard to build a new future in Southport. 

Anastasia said: “Our life has turned 360 degrees, but we try to live on. Thanks to the big heart and friendliness of the English people, we feel at home.

“Having recovered and taking all the strength into our fists, we continue to live on and we decided to open a small business here and continue the business that originated in Ukraine.

“The Uklean company is a young, innovative team that keeps up with modern times.  We are a young progressive team specialising in upholstery dry cleaning in Southport and the surrounding area.

“We dry clean upholstered furniture, as well as mattresses, carpets, chairs, armchairs, etc.  We use only professional equipment and products that are not harmful to people and animals. 

“If you have been hesitating for a long time whether you need to dry clean your furniture, do not hesitate, give them a chance for a second life and they will look like new.  

“We are sure that you will choose Uklean and help us.” 

For more details about Uklean please call: 

07392 117184  Anastasia

07392 117182 Oleksii

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  1. Barbara Eyes 9 months ago

    I have made a note of your numbers for future reference and will certainly tell my friends. God bless you both I hope you do well. I really admire your courage. Barbara xx

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