Who will you vote for in this year’s May Local Elections? 

The chance to vote for candidates to become councillors on Sefton Council was postponed last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

But with falling Coronavirus numbers and increasing numbers of vaccinations, this year’s Local Elections will now take place, on Thursday, 6 May. 

People in Southport, Formby, Bootle and across the borough of Sefton will have their chance to vote for candidates in 22 of the 66 wards in Sefton, with two being contested in Blundellsands following Cllr Sam Marshall’s resignation this year.

There will also be two seats to be voted for in Derby ward following the tragic death of Cllr Mike O’Brien last September.

People will have the option to vote either in person, by postal vote, or by proxy. 

Sefton Council’s Elections Team is urging all residents over the age of 76 to take up the option of submitting a postal vote.

Dwayne Johnson, Chief Executive of Sefton Council, said: “Absent voting is a key element of every election and it is not uncommon for thousands of postal and proxy votes to be submitted.

“However this year’s elections demonstrate an even greater need for residents to be able to cast their votes safely, securely and remotely.

“Your vote matters.”

Social distancing and a Covid secure system will be in place at all polling stations to ensure both staff and voters are kept safe, though this may mean it takes slightly longer than usual to submit your vote.

Here is the full list of candidates:



Michael Shaw – Conservatives

Laurence Rankin – Green

Sean Flynn – Labour

Lynne Thompson – Lib Dems


Lee Durkin – Conservatives

Bernhard Frank – Green

Sonya Kelly – Labour

Vic Foulds – Lib Dems


Martyn Barber – Conservatives

Simon Jamieson – Conservatives

John Volynchook – Green

Diane Roscoe – Labour

Natasha Carlin – Labour

Keith Cawdron – Lib Dems

Brian Dunning – Lib Dems

Angela Preston – Liberal Party


Sinclair D’Albuquerque – Conservatives

Carla Fox – Green

Laura Lunn-Bates – Labour

Pat Keith – Lib Dems


Sean Dorgan – Conservatives

Mike Carter – Green

Paul Cummins – Labour

Zanna Ashton – Lib Dems


Anne Clegg – Conservatives

Daniel Nuttall – Conservatives

Alwynne Cartmell – Green

Mike Brennan – Independent

Brenda O’Brien – Labour

Anne Thompson – Labour

Mike Duffy – No affiliated party


Mike Prendergast – Conservatives

Robert Doyle – Green

Tony Dawson – Independent

Thomas Spring – Labour

David Newman – Lib Dems


Veronica Dorgan – Conservatives

Kieran Dams – Green

Paulette Lappin – Labour

Rowenna Gibson – Lib Dems

Chris Haws – Workers Party

John McDonald – No affiliated party


Joe Riley – Conservatives

Joanne Allman – Freedom Alliance

Aimee Brodie – Formby Residents’ Action Group

Mike Walsh – Green

Carol Richards – Labour

Annie Gorski – Lib Dems


Laura Nuttall – Conservatives

Fred Weavers – Green

Jennifer Corcoran – Labour

Jo Barton – Lib Dems


Lynne Bold – Conservatives

Christine Maher – Labour


Jessamine Miles Hounslea – Conservatives

Jay Robinson – Green

Mo Walker-Miller – Independent

Trish Hardy – Labour

Billie Jo Gibson – No affiliated party


Jan Blanchard – Conservatives

Andy Donegan – Green

John Joseph Kelly – Labour

John Gibson – Lib Dems


Thomas de Freitas – Conservatives

Dave Collins – Green

Stephen Jowett – Labour

John Dodd – Lib Dems


Paul Barber – Conservatives

Marion Wykes – Green

Paula Murphy – Labour

Duncan Sayer – Lib Dems

Netherton & Orrell

Andrew Burgess – Conservatives

Lisa Ford – Independent

Robert Brennan – Labour


Pam Teesdale – Conservatives

Dave McIntosh – Green

Carran Waterfield – Labour

Alistair West – Lib Dems


Ken Hughes – Conservatives

Roy Greason – Green

Andrew Wilson – Labour


Paul Bowen – Conservatives

Bob McCann – Formby Residents’ Action Group

Alison Gibbon – Green

Catie Page – Labour

Lesley Delves – Lib Dems

St Oswald

Maureen Burgess – Conservatives

Linda Cluskey – Labour

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