Springbrook Short Breaks Home for Disabled Children in Southport

Springbrook Short Breaks Home for Disabled Children in Southport has been praised for its ‘high quality, child centred and nurturing care’ from ‘skilled, enthusiastic and experienced’ staff.

Ofsted inspectors have awarded a Good rating to the home for the second year in a row. 

The report noted that all recommendations from the last inspection had been carried out and that leadership at the home was strong and that a learning culture exists among staff meaning the service is continuously improving and learning. 

 Cllr Mhairi Doyle, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services said:

“It is fantastic to see Ofsted recognise the improvements we have made at Springbrook over the past few years. The progress made at Springbrook in terms of quality of care, improved oversight and listening to children, young people and families is exactly the progress we are starting to see across our service as a whole.

“I am so proud of the team for getting a ‘good’ rating for the second year running. They have made Springbrook into a nurturing, child centred and welcoming environment and I feel any parent or carer would be pleased to leave their child in Springbrook’s warm and enriching care.”

It was not only Ofsted who praised staff at the home; parents who took part in the Ofsted Inspection fed back that staff ‘do a brilliant job, they know my child really well and always feedback lots of positive things about him.’

Dr Risthardh Hare, Sefton Council’s Director of Children’s Services said:

“I was delighted to read the outcome of this Ofsted inspection and read the accounts of children, young people and families who have experienced such warm, child centred care with us.

“It is a testament to all the hard work we are doing in Children’s Services that Sefton can provide such a highly regarded service to our children, young people and families and it is gratifying to see Ofsted recognise the passion of our staff when they work with our children.”

Owned and managed by Sefton Council, the Home provides short breaks for disabled children and offers high quality care and enriching activities as well as much valued respite time and support for families and carers.

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