Youngsters at Express Performing Arts in Southport

A performing arts group in Southport is inviting youngsters to stage a special show during coronavirus lockdown – and help raise money for the NHS. 

Express Performing Arts Academy came up with the idea as their way of ‘giving something back’. 

Owner Lisa Walshe said: “We want to try and raise some money for our amazing NHS during this difficult time.  

“We at Express Performing Arts would like to see all of our amazing youngsters helping us to raise as much money as they can by creating and performing a show to their families.

“However, you don’t just have to attend Express Performing Arts Academy, this is open to all youngsters!

“This could be a performance of a song; a dance; a short piece from a film or a musical or a performance of a favourite story book or poem. 

“We are asking for the young people to create tickets, sell them to their families and present their own mini performance at home for this amazing cause.


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“They could even set up a mini performance space, make a programme, sell sweets and treats and create a full theatre experience, you may even do a live link to grandparents or ask someone to film it and send it out to family members and get them to purchase tickets for the show too. 

“Families can then donate all ticket money collected to this amazing cause. 

“What are you waiting for, let rehearsals commence and ‘Show us the Money’.”

The initiative is a way for the group to help those in need. 

Lisa said: “ We just feel so helpless and want to give a little something back.

“We want to get youngsters being creative and active and taking ownership of making some money for the NHS.”

Express Performing Arts Academy strives to provide young people with fun and engaging tuition in dance, singing and acting, which develops; confidence; social skills and performance skills in a happy, fun-filled environment. 

Students are encouraged to explore performance skills at a pace that is comfortable to them.

Classes are held at Beat Box Studios, on Sussex Road in Southport and at Emmanuel Church Hall, Cambridge Road, Southport. 

For more details and to donate please visit:…/showusthemoneyforournhs


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