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The successful £37.million Town Deal funding bid which was announced in today’s Budget “will make Southport the place to be”. 

That was the verdict of Southport Town Deal Board Chair Rob Fletcher, who praised the hard work of everyone behind our town’s submission to the Government. 

Mr Fletcher, a proud local resident who is Chair of Southport-based law firm Fletcher’s solicitors, is now looking forward to “delivering a remarkable range of projects”. 

The £37.5m awarded to Southport today was the largest amount awarded to any of the 48 recipients today. 

This success is a clear sign of confidence in the town, the quality of the projects put forward, the involvement of local people and businesses and the work of the Town Deal Board over the past year.

Sefton Council estimates that the Southport Town Deal funding will ultimately help to create over 1,000 new jobs plus more than 300 construction jobs and to attract extra 1 million visitors per year.

Following a hugely successful consultation and engagement process, the largest conversation ever had with those who live or work in the town, a Town Investment Plan was submitted reflecting many of the priorities that residents, business owners and visitors consider vital for the regeneration of the town.

This funding will allow Southport to positively tackle the economic challenges faced as we emerge from the devastating impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rob Fletcher, Chair of the Southport Town Deal Board said: “The hard work of the Town Deal Board has been rewarded in this funding announcement. The Board has ensured that the views of the many have been included in the submission.

“We are pleased with the announcement and are now looking forward to continuing to work with Sefton Council, who will be responsible for delivering a remarkable range of projects which will support our communities, business and young people and make Southport the place to be.”

Sefton Council Chief Executive Dwayne Johnson said: “Fantastic news for Southport in Sefton with the award of £37.5m for the town. With the other developments across Sefton it demonstrates confidence in our borough and something to celebrate and gives hope to our communities.”

Following the announcement, Cllr Ian Maher, Leader of Sefton Council, said: “After an incredibly hard year for the town’s businesses and residents, the announcement of this funding is a really positive way to start 2021. The Council, working with the Town Deal Board and its partners, are ready to get started on many of the key projects as soon as we can.

“We will continue to seek further public and private investment to the Town to ensure the Town Deal is the catalyst to unlock many new opportunities.

“I would like to thank the Chair and all Town Deal board members for their hard work and support, and I would also like to recognise Cllr Marion Atkinson, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Skills, for her contribution and close collaboration with all board members.”

Sefton Council and the Town Deal board are now turning their attention to making sure that projects are ready for delivery and able to access the funding allocated as quickly as possible. Further updates will be provided on the exciting projects supported by the Towns Fund during 2021.

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  1. John 2 months ago

    Sorry, but this whole thing is pure fantasy. Sefton Council have no interest in Southport. Our Police aren’t interested and the council aren’t either. We have antisocial behaviour in cars speeding throughout north Southport, loud exhausts and turbo overrun plaguing peoples right to tranquility in their own homes. Then when we step outside, its onto pavements covered in grime, because the drains are permanently blocked leading to large holes developing under the roads, when freezing, the council grits a couple of pedestrianised areas in town, everywhere else, elderly are trapped in their homes by icy pavements.

    Marine Drive is a through route for speeding motorists bypassing Southport. During lockdown, scores of people visiting Southport, motorbikes congregating to drink coffee and eat fish and chips, whilst we all respect the lockdown rules and stay at home. Queue of cars at McDonalds and KFC, litter strewn across the sea front. What action from the police and council? The parking wardens raising revenue and that’s about it. Police aren’t interested, yet in Formby visitors are being fined for the same thing. Drug dealing in the open at the town Railway Station, police are MIA.

    The restriction on Queens Road to promote safer cycling for families is a joke, cause all the council did is put signs up, the police aren’t interested in the illegal motorists violating the No Entry despite many reports of it.

    Southport is the forgotten place that Sefton and Merseyside ignore. Our police head south to support the police in Formby, Crosby and Bootle, whilst Southport only gets transient policing as they drive down Lord Street to get out of town. If the police aren’t in their cars, then you will find them illegally parked on North Street, but strangely exempt from the parking wardens. The police couldn’t even attend a burglary in progress 2 mins gentle walk from the police station a while back.

    What’s the point in these fantasy projects when they can’t manage to sort out the basics. Sadly, us in Southport are expected to shut up, pay our tax and support other areas of Sefton. We are the ugly step child of Sefton and Merseyside. The sooner we get pushed out to West Lancashire the better.

    • Peter 2 months ago

      So the fact that they have received funding for this has passed you by. You really have a chip on your shoulder, get over it!

  2. James Wilson 1 month ago

    Excited to see Southport benefit from this funding!

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