Southport Rugby Football Club has announced its newest winning team - of mental health first aiders

Southport Rugby Football Club has announced its newest winning team – of mental health first aiders. 

The club, which is based on Waterloo Road in Birkdale, has secured funding from local charity the Community Link Foundation and has also worked with the Give A Ruck mental health charity in order to provide the best possible support for its many players, parents, coaches, staff, volunteers – and also the wider community. 

A Southport RFC spokesperson said: “We are committed to assisting the community with any mental health needs they may require. 

“We have recently received funding and support from local charity, Community Link Foundation and invested in training members from a variety of sections of our rugby club to become mental health first aiders.

“We are very pleased to announce that these people are now in place and trained to support any issues that players, volunteers, parents, coaches and the wider community may have. 

“This has been coordinated by Gareth Lang, our mental health ambassador, who has engaged with Give A Ruck – a rugby based mental health charity which has partnered with our club .

“We, as a club, have more plans in place to further our mental health support, but it’s great that we are now beginning to talk about mental health in our club, our game and in our lives.

“Please welcome our mental health first aiders, and talk to them if you want to talk.”

Southport RFC Mental Health First Aiders are:

  • Andy Lawton
  • John Gillow
  • Dan Whalen
  • Colin Toohey
  • Sam Lawrenson
  • Gareth Lang
  • Mandy Trevarton
  • Tracey Green
  • Mike Dale
  • Agata Barkowska Martins
  • Alison Atkinson
  • Faye Dagnall

Give A Ruck was developed to help rugby players, club members, volunteers and coaches feel more comfortable talking openly and honestly about their mental health and wellbeing. 

Inspired by players who had the strength and courage to speak out, it is hoped that Give A Ruck will help to inspire many others to do the same. 

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