Harrogate Way in Southport

A number of roads in Crossens in Southport will see 20 mph speed limits imposed after being forgotten in the original roll-out of speed reductions. 

A decade ago Sefton Council pursued a policy of cutting 30 mph speed limits on nearly 3,000 roads across the borough, that weren’t main roads, to 20 mph. 

Council officers have now discovered that they missed out an estate near The Plough roundabout and are proposing to introduce 20 mph limits to: Bartons Close, Beverley Close, Harrogate Way, Ilkley Avenue, Skipton Avenue and Whitby Avenue. 

In his report, Sefton Council Assistant Director of Place (Highways and Public Protection) Peter Moore said: “In October 2011, the then Cabinet Member Transportation approved a policy which stated that the speed limit on all residential areas within Sefton, with the exception of main distributor roads, should be reduced to 20 mph as part of a rolling programme over subsequent years. 

“In total, between 2013 and 2016, a total of 35 area-wide schemes were consulted on and progressed throughout the borough, resulting in the speed limit on 2,871 residential roads being reduced to 20 mph. This represents the majority of residential roads in Sefton. 

“These 35 area-wide schemes effectively encompassed all residential roads, excluding an agreed network of strategic routes and main distributor roads, and those roads of a purely industrial nature.

“It has now come to the attention of officers that a number of residential roads north of the Plough Roundabout in Crossens had been missed in the roll-out of the 20 mph speed limits and whose speed limit were still 30 mph. 

“Whilst the roads had been identified within the list of roads originally approved by members, unfortunately this small estate was omitted from the final traffic Regulation Order.

“In order to rectify the omission, consultation has now taken place with Ward Members, who have given their support for the reduction of the speed limit from 30 mph to 20 mph.”  

All costs associated with the introduction of the Traffic Regulation Orders, amounting to £2,500 will be funded from Sefton Council’s 2022/23 Traffic Management budget. 

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  1. MRS V DEVERS 1 year ago

    At last something is being done with the road speeds but after numerous complaints about Water Lane road which is the other side of the plough rounderbout to the left of marine drive on marine drive the MPH are 50 so there fore drivers carry on doing fifty past the houses and bungalows on the left hand side of the road it does have a sign on the opposite side of the road to slow down which motorists who have to do anyway because the would be approaching the rounderbout but know slow down sign on the left where you take your life into your own hands also for people who drive to get out of thier drives on the left of Water Lane is very difficult with the speed of the oncoming traffic from the rounderbout from Marine Drive please give this your best attention

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