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Southport MP Damien Moore says the Prime Minister must “strain every sinew to regain people’s trust” after he survived last night’s vote of confidence from his own MPs. 

Boris Johnson today thanked colleagues for their support in a confidence vote, which saw 41% of Conservative MPs saying they had lost faith in him.

Damien Moore MP said he will continue to work hard to seek improvements for Southport including progressing Town Deal investment, demanding better rail links and campaigning for children’s A&E to be returned to Southport. 

He said: “Monday’s vote has shown that the Prime Minister retains the support of a majority of my Parliamentary colleagues.

“I have maintained constant communication with my constituents, particularly over these past few weeks, and have listened to and read all of their concerns. Their anger is justified, and I understand that it is in no way diminished by last night’s vote.

“I believe that the vote has helped to refocus the Prime Minister’s mind on the big issues facing us today, from healthcare to the economy, and with this serious message now delivered, he must ensure that he doesn’t lose focus of our present priorities.

“I was elected as MP to stand up for Southport and turn the fortunes of our town around, and that is exactly what I intend to continue working to achieve.

“This is why I secured the £37.5 million Town Deal to rejuvenate our town centre, a catalyst for business and investment, and why I am working hard to return the Children’s A&E in Southport, establish direct rail links to Manchester, Preston, and Ormskirk, and ensure that our town’s voice is truly heard at Sefton Council.

“I believe the great anger and dissatisfaction of many across our constituencies and in Parliament has now been communicated, and that Downing Street must now strain every sinew to regain people’s trust.

“My desire to progress our local priorities is in no way diminished, and with the Prime Minister’s

focus on delivering for our town and indeed for the country now sharpened, I continue to be entirely dedicated towards working to give people across our wonderful town the opportunities that they deserve.”

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