We love snow in Southport! 

Our ‘micro climate’ on the coast means we often look on in envy when parts of Lancashire and other areas welcome the occasional blanket of snowflakes while we look to the skies in anticipation. 

But when the snow does fall, we love heading out to places like Hesketh Park or the dunes at Birkdale or Ainsdale before building snowmen, sledging or enjoying snowball fights. 

Here are some great pictures of snow in Southport over the decades. 

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Our images include a lovely shot of snow on Lord Street in the 1980s. 

The picture was taken outside the Prince Of Wales Hotel, while the former Red Rum Hotel and Rummie’s Bar would have been just ahead and to the right (with Woolworths further along). 

How’s this for an impressive snowman? Youngsters at Churchill Avenue in Churchtown in Southport are very proud of their creation in December 1981. 

Children are pictured sledging in Southport on 9 January 1982. Do you recognise where these two images were taken? Was it Hesketh Park? 

A remarkable photo taken in the 1960s shows the sea at Southport covered with snow with Southport Pier in the background. It was taken in 1962/63 by Mr George Bentley. 

Another beach picture shows Ainsdale Beach in Southport in the snow, which was taken by Joe Bryan in January 2013. 

We all remember the big freeze in Southport from 10 years ago! 

In December 2010, a heavy snowfall covered Southport and stayed with us for weeks. 

The roads became icy and dangerous, pavements became slippy. But it made for great pictures. 

Great images from a decade ago include Southport Pleasureland in the snow, in January 2010;  Southport seafront covered in snow in December 2010 by Barry Holgate; and Southport beach covered in snow in December 2010 by John Cobham.

Our final picture is a snowy scene on Lord Street, Southport (opposite Sainsbury’s). Picture taken by Jim Thompson in March 2006. 

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