Charlotte Howard, the Ward Manager on 9A at Southport Hospital won the Trust's first Employee of the Month Award

A Ward Manager at Southport and Formby District General Hospital is celebrating winning the Trust’s first Employee of the Month Award.

The accolade went to Charlotte Howard, the Ward Manager on 9A.

More than 50 entries were received for the awards with the Trust’s Executive team having a tough time to pick one winner.

Charlotte received the award from Lynne Barnes, Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Therapies, who said: “We all know the fantastic work that goes on across the Trust but it really brings it home when you see people put their feelings into words and go out of their way to praise their colleagues.

“It was lovely to read all the stories and see all the fantastic work that is going on around every area of the organisation and I want to thank everyone who put their nominations forward and praise everyone who was nominated.

“It was incredibly hard for the Board to pick out just one winner as there were so many superb entries but Charlotte’s nominations really stood out and I am so proud of her.”

Charlotte said: “It is so nice to be recognised in this way and i just want to thank everyone who nominated me for all their kind words.” 


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