Marine Way Bridge in Southport. Photo by Andrew Brown Media

A support group has been launched in Southport and Formby to help people affected or concerned about the spread of coronavirus, which leads to the Covid-19 disease.

Covid-19 Southport & Formby Support Group (Corona virus 2020) is among dozens of ‘mutual aid’ groups that sprung up across the UK in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Over 90 groups have been set up online, with volunteers co-ordinating via WhatsApp and Facebook groups and offering people in self-isolation help with shopping, dog walking and picking up prescriptions.

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The groups, which are being coordinated nationally by Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK, have organised online meetings today, as well as taking to the streets to give people flyers describing the kind of support they are offering.

As well as practical support the groups are offering telephone calls with people who are self-isolating due to infection or increased vulnerability.

Anna Vickerstaff, one of the coordinators of the national network, said: “No matter what we look like, where we live, or how much money we have, getting sick reminds us that at our core we’re all just human. And in every country it’s the old, the sick and those already struggling who will be affected worse.

“That’s why we set this network up – because we want to make sure that no-one in our communities is being left to face this crisis alone, and because we want to try and redress some of the serious inequalities this outbreak will expose.

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“Groups are being set up and run entirely by volunteers – and our hope is that they can help to make sure people who need support get it. With the NHS and public services having been so ruthlessly underfunded in the last decade, we really just want to make sure that people don’t end up suffering alone, or without the basics and support that they need from the outside world.

“There are some pretty big questions about whether or not the government’s response to this crisis has been fit for purpose. So it’s even more important that so many ordinary people across the country are keen to offer solidarity to each other in a moment of need.

“We would love to see even more communities get involved too – and we are developing resources to help people take action in their neighbourhoods.”



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