Southport Christmas Charity Parade

The 2020 Southport Christmas Parade has unfortunately been cancelled. 

The event is the biggest vehicle light parade in the North West, donating hundreds of toys to children’s organisations in our region. 

It was due to set off from Banks at 4pm on Sunday 6 December before heading through Churchtown and High Park, past Southport Hospital, Ainsdale, Birkdale, and into Southport town centre. 

With the convoy of wagons and other vehicles starting from Banks – which is in a Tier 3 area – before heading into Southport, which is in Tier 2, concerns were raised over a potential mixing of tiers. 

The potential for attracting crowds was another factor in the decision. 

In a statement, the organisers said tonight: “Good Evening to all our supporters,

“Due to a change in the government guidelines unfortunately we are going to have to cancel this year’s Charity Christmas Parade,

“We have spent all day on the phone to the police and all the relevant authorities to try and make it happen, but unfortunately it just isn’t possible to the mixing of Tiers and the expected mass gatherings we have have seen off spectators on Social Media which has caused worry by the authorities,

“Our main priority is your safety.

“Please keep following our Southport Christmas Parade Facebook page for all updates on the toys being donated and we are in plans for a special event coming soon.

“We just want to take the time to thank you for all your support and the toy donations, it truly means the world to us.

“A very sad Adam & Paul”

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