The Ship and Anchor pub on Cable Street in Southport

Guest Blog by Neville Grundy, Southport and West Lancashire CAMRA 

Unfortunately we are set to lose another pub in Southport, in this instance the Ship & Anchor in Cable Street. 

Although it is not a real ale pub, the loss of any pub is to be regretted as all pubs, irrespective of beer style, are important focal points for their regulars.

When I first visited this pub, it was simply called The Ship. I’ve always assumed that the ‘Anchor’ was added to distinguish it from the former Old Ship Inn on Eastbank Street, which was also closed down a few years ago. 

The Ship and Anchor has become well known for its live music with local rock bands featured there each week. Indeed, I have played there myself once or twice over the years. 

Why am I mentioning all this in a CAMRA column? A pub that doesn’t serve real ale now could do so in the future, whereas a pub which is converted to another use, or is demolished and redeveloped, never will. Its final day of opening will be on 25th February.

Cheaper bus fares extended

The Campaign for Real Ale has welcomed the decision to extend the capped £2 single journey bus fare in England until the end of June to help people get to and from their local pub. The Campaign had joined a number of other organisations in lobbying for such an extension.

Commenting on this decision, CAMRA National Chair Nik Antona said:

“Cheaper bus fares are great news for the beer and pub trade, making it more affordable for people to go out to visit their locals.

“Extending the £2 bus fare scheme for England is something that we had called on transport ministers to do so that pubs, social clubs, breweries and cider producers grappling with the cost-of-business crisis can benefit from people being able to get to the pub in an affordable and environmentally friendly way.

“We’ll be raising a glass to this decision and we are planning to meet the Buses Minister Richard Holden MP in his North West Durham constituency soon to show how the £2 bus fare can benefit both pubgoers and hospitality businesses.”

The national CAMRA website is at: The Southport & West Lancs Branch website is at

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