An aerial view of Southport by NPAS Warton

How would you spend £25million to improve Southport?

What a great question to be able to ask ourselves.

Over the next few weeks, residents in our town will have the chance to have their say on how up to £25million is invested in the town as part of the Government’s Town Deal Fund.

Southport will have the opportunity to bid for money for regeneration projects as part of the initiative.

The Town Deal Fund seeks to engage with respective communities to determine how the money should be spent to boost growth, through innovative regeneration plans.

Sefton Council has convened the Southport Town Deal Board to develop the Investment Plan and engage with local residents to ensure the benefits of the Fund reach everyone.

The Board comprises representatives of key industries, organisations and community groups within Southport including some of the most prominent and successful businesses and prominent organisations in Southport.

Rob Fletcher, Founder and Chairman of Fletchers Solicitors, has been appointed Chair of the Southport Town Deal Board. As well as 40 years’ experience and expertise running a UK Top 100 legal practice founded and headquartered within Southport, Rob brings a passion for the town having been born and raised in Southport.

This month the engagement process will begin with people from across the town about how the Fund should be invested.

Rob Fletcher said: “This will be a two-way conversation, with people of all ages, backgrounds and perspectives. We are particularly keen to get ideas and feedback from young people and will be working with the schools and colleges to have this conversation.

“The Town Deal Board will bring together a cohesive vision for the future of Southport and ensure everyone in Southport has the chance to engage in respect of the town, its future, and their role in it.

“This is an exciting time for Southport. As well as the Town Deal opportunity, the Council has secured Townscape Heritage funding to deliver improvements to the roads linking Lord Street and the Promenade; we have a number of private sector partners progressing and delivering new and exciting projects across the town and, as part of Sefton, Southport is part of the Liverpool City Region’s Borough of Culture, which will bring a range of new events and installations to the town in 2020.”

Marion Atkinson, Sefton Council’s Labour Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Skills, said: “We are delighted to have a further opportunity to build on existing investment plans for Southport and work with local communities to create a better and more prosperous future for the people of Southport.

“We are excited to work with the Southport Town Board, our businesses and communities, to develop the Investment Plan and will engage with all communities and organisations, to ensure that the vision for Southport and the plans to achieve this, are determined by them.

“We want Southport to be the town our residents deserve, a thriving place for people to live and work.”




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