A full English breakfast at Ra Bar at 645-647 Lord Street in Southport. Photo by Scott Jones

What would you include in your English breakfast? 

After Scott Jones posted a picture of a delicious full English at Ra bar, at 645-647 Lord Street near the fire station end of the street, earlier this week, a huge debate raged about what should – and shouldn’t – be included on the perfect plate. 

Ra is famous for the quality of its breakfasts, with a large choice, including vegan breakfasts, to suit all tastes. But this picture from there has sparked a real debate. 

Now we’d like you to tell us what makes your perfect English breakfast via our Stand Up For Southport Facebook group! 

Should it be with or without black pudding? Are hash browns a great addition or an American anomaly? Should baked beans be oozing across the side of the plate or contained within a ramekin? Fried bread or toast? Is there such a thing as too much bacon? 

In July, Twitter went crazy when Jordan Mead posted a picture of a breakfast which included peas – we can all safely discount that as a good idea. 

Speaking in the Stand Up For Southport Facebook group, David Bigland said: “Beans have no place on a breakfast full stop.” 

Adam Butler disagreed saying: “Whoah, Yes they are, at least half a tin of beans should be on every full English.” 

Peter Henderson said: “Put the beans on the plate, not in a pot.

“And whilst we’re at it, if my chips come in some weird little basket, you can have them back as well.”

David Bekham-Doyle said: “Beans in a pot… what a mess and waste of time and energy.

“A disgrace.” 

Paul Wolfenden said: “But a ceramic ramekin is class, surely?”

David Bekham-Doyle said: “No… ramekins and not for such things.

“A travesty to use them in this way.”

Ra Bar on Lord Street in Southport. Photo by Andrew Brown Media

The debate moved onto hash browns. Some people see them as a welcome addition, while others think they deviate from the old traditions. 

Matthew Hubbard said: “A proper full English breakfast has neither beans or hash browns.”

Gary Bryans said: “Beans have always been part and parcel. As is fried bread. Hash browns?

“No – another pointless Americanisation.” 

Mikey Parr said: “No fried bread.” 

Lisa McGarrigan said: “I think it looks great. But no black pudding or tomatoes on mine, thanks.” 

How much black pudding, bacon or sausage do you like to see on your plate? Is there a thing as too much? 

Looking at the picture from Ra bar, Joanne Middlehurst said: “Far too much meat for anyone though surely?” 

Paul Wolfenden disagreed, saying: “No, I’d be happy with another two slices of bacon.”

Many people, though, were impressed with the sight of the breakfast at Ra Bar. 

Suzanne Morris said: “Definitely try here for breakfast when we are next in Southport!” 

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