Eileen Cropper has been making twiddle muffs to help people suffering with dementia

A determined Southport lady has set herself a target of making 200 twiddle muffs by Christmas to help local people suffering with dementia. 

Eileen Cropper, aged 85, was an early member of a knitting group which meets regularly at The Atkinson on Lord Street. 

She has knitted for most of her life and recently has helped many ladies to learn how to use the modern circular needles.

Due to her age and medical condition Eileen was shielding throughout lockdown but nothing could stop her wanting to help others so she decided that, for as long as it lasted she would sit in her Birkdale flat and make twiddle muffs for the dementia ward in the hospital.

Twiddle muffs are knitted like open ended sleeves and use lots of textures to help distract dementia patients by giving them something to occupy their hands and keep them warm.

So far Eileen has reached the amazing total of 174 muffs and is aiming to have made at least 200 by Christmas.

All of her many friends are so proud of her, and always make sure that she has plenty of yarn to keep her busy.

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