Lexie, left with her cousin Ellie at their favourite amusement park, Southport Pleasureland. Ellie will also be doing the run

A nine-year-old girl who was told she might not survive after suffering a brain haemorrhage in a car crash is urging people to sign up for a new fundraising event at Southport Pleasureland this October. 

Former Alder Hey Hospital patient, little Lexie Dwyer, will join an anticipated field of up to 600 5k runners lining up at Southport Pleasureland to compete in one of Alder Hey Children’s Charity landmark fundraisers.

The run takes place on Saturday, 30th October.  

The park, which will be decorated with pumpkins for its Happy Halloween event, chose the cause as its charity of the year, opening the world’s first Children’s Charity Embassy in summer. 

Pleasureland CEO Norman Wallis said he was delighted to host the run’s start and finish as part of the park’s commitment to help the charity support a unique, world-class and family-focused centre of excellence.

Lexie and her mum Lois, from Widnes, will be running to play their part in raising vital funds to support Alder Hey Children’s Hospital – for the 330,000 patients and families it cares for every year.

Little Lexie and her Mum, Lois pictured just two weeks after Lexie's accident

Little Lexie and her Mum, Lois pictured just two weeks after Lexie’s accident

Lexie said: “In 2019 I suffered a brain haemorrhage from a road traffic accident. My mummy was told to sign a form that said I might not make it past surgery.

“But I did and I’m going to run 5k for the hospital that saved my life. My amazing surgeon, and everyone else who looked after me, were amazed to see what a normal life I lead now.  That is quite rare after the trauma my brain went through.  That also shows that Jonathan, my surgeon, really is the best!

“People had to ask me simple questions for days to see if I could remember, I had to have physio daily to try to walk with crutches. Now, you would never believe I was that same person as I lead a completely normal life with no health complications.

“This is my first big fundraiser for Alder Hey, so please donate anything you can, to keep saving little people like me.”

Norman Wallis said: “Stories like Lexi’s are absolutely inspiring, and here is a little girl absolutely determined to say thank you in the most generous way possible.  I would urge everyone who possibly can to take part or find a way to support this incredible event.”

The Alder Hey Children’s Charity Halloween 5K starts at 9am on Saturday, 30th October.  The charity is hoping it will raise up to £20,000 for the hospital. 

The charity already has almost 400 runners signed up to take part.

Sign up to join the run, here: https://www.alderheycharity.org/events/latest/alder-hey-5k-2021/

If you would like to support Lexie, please go to her fundraising page, here: https://alderheycharity.enthuse.com/pf/lois-hart

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