A Covid-19 / Coronavirus warning on Lord Street in Southport. Photo by Andrew Brown Media

To meet the needs of local children and their families during October Half Term, Sefton Council will be providing free school meals.

The council will reveal more details about the scheme on Monday. 

A number of restaurants in the Southport area have also offered to provide free meals to local children in need. 

Cllr Trish Hardy, Cabinet Member – Communities and Housing said: “Sefton Council are putting in place a scheme to support children and their families accessing free school meals in the borough during this half term.

“We will be sharing more information on how to access the scheme as soon as possible.

 “We will also continue to provide additional funding and support to our local voluntary sector partners, including the local food banks who are well stocked to enable them to help some of Sefton’s hardest hit families during these difficult times.

“Our family wellbeing centres in Talbot Street (Southport), Marie Clarke (Bootle) and Netherton also remain open to families who need their support during half-term.

“We have also increased the funding available to our Emergency Limited Assistance Scheme, and would encourage anyone in Sefton who may need extra support at this time to contact the council on 0345 140 0845.”

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