Farmer Ted's is looking to re-open its Farm Shop

A drive-thru fam shop could soon open near Southport. 

It would be based at the iconic Farmer Ted’s, on Flatman’s Lane in Downholland. 

It would see the venue’s once-popular farm shop re-opened but in a very different guise, that is now safe for maintaining social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak. 

The initiative would be a great way to help people having to queue to get their food from inside busy supermarkets. 

Farmer Ted’s owner Mark Edwards said: “As we all know we are living in unusual times however sometimes there’s an opportunity to offer another service and revisit where we originally left off.

“The Farm Shop based at Farmer Teds will return soon.

“After 14 years The Farm larder closed its doors on 5th February 2012 to focus our efforts and energies on the rapidly-expanding growth of Farmer Teds Adventure Park and associated scare event – Farmaggedon. 


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“It’s hard to believe it’s now been just over eight years and yet over the past weeks we have had more people than usual still looking for our old farm shop.

“We have a network of friends in very similar situations around the country and one of them came up with a ‘drive-thru’ farm shop concept which has energised us into action and it’s our intention to open one up too!

“More news will follow shortly but we think you’ll enjoy this new concept here down on the farm.

“Stay safe and well.”

The news was welcomed by fans of the business. 

Speaking on the Farmer Ted’s Facebook page, Liza Smallman said: “That’s fantastic news. Look forward to driving thru soon.”

Jacqueline Disley said: “As a neighbour of farmer Ted’s think this is a fab idea come in handy for us good luck keep us posted.”

Maxine Mardon said: “We used to love coming to the farm shop! Alan and I can’t wait to come shopping again.” 

Keep up to date with updates on the Stand Up For Southport website and by clicking on the Farmer Ted’s website here

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