Disused phone boxes have been removed from Southport

Disused phone boxes in Southport have finally been taken away to be scrapped. 

Many in the mobile phone generations may look at these facilities as relics of the past – or even wonder what they are for. 

Years ago they were a lifeline, as a vital way of people keeping in touch with each other. 

Now phone boxes in the UK are increasingly diminishing in number. 

Ainsdale councillor Lynne Thompson said: “I am delighted to see several disused phone boxes previously reported have finally been removed today.

“One outside the former police station, at Ainsdale roundabout; the second from the corner of Mary Avenue and Heathfield Road.

“These decommissioned boxes, flagged for removal last year, had fallen into quite a bad state and could not be removed until the 90 day public consultation period had lapsed.”

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