The rates of Covid-19 cases in Sefton has risen above 1,000 per 100,000 for the first time with our area now double the national average. 

There were 1,018 cases per 100,000 people in the latest week 1 January to 7 January. The average area in England had 531. 

There were 2,815 cases recorded in Sefton in this period, a rise of 1,446 from the week before. 

Tragically, 539 people in Sefton have died as a result of Covid-related deaths up to 25 December. 

The head of the NHS has now revealed his concerns over rising hospital admissions in our region.

There has been a 50% rise in Covid-19 hospital admissions in Merseyside in the past week alone, including an 18.9% rise at Southport & Ormskirk NHS Hospitals Trust. 

The stark statistic was revealed yesterday by NHS boss Simon Stevens. 

Speaking to MPs, Mr Stevens said the worrying situation in London was now making its way around the country and picked out Merseyside as a particular concern.

He said: “We have more than 30,000 severely ill Coronavirus patients in hospitals across England, up by 13,000 just since Christmas Day.

“In London, one in 30 people has the virus and in parts of London it may be twice that number.

“And if you look across other regions in England, the issue is that Coronavirus is once again on the rise.

“In Merseyside for example, in just the last week there has been a 50% increase in the number of Covid hospitalisations.

“So this is a very serious moment for the country and the National Health Service.”

He said it is important to remember that this virus affects all ages, with a quarter of all covid hospital admissions right now featuring people under the age of 55.

Yesterday, Sefton Council Director of Children’s Services Vicky Buchanan and Director of Public Health Margaret Jones wrote to parents and carers in the borough asking them to keep children at home if they are able to do so. 

They said: “Schools are under increasing pressure to manage the number of children and young people in school due to staff not being able to attend school due to Covid issues.

“Schools may therefore as a last resort have to consider prioritising places for vulnerable children, health workers and school staff.”

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