Elizabeth Gadeston and her mum read This Is My Home by Jude Lennon. Elizabeth is a young environmental campaigner behind The Little Collector Wirral page on Facebook.

A children’s author who has written a book about keeping our beaches clean says she is saddened by the sight of the mountains of litter left over the past few days. 

Jude Lennon has written a book called That’s Our Home!, which encourages youngsters to think about their natural environment through the eyes of a starfish, a crab and a seagull. 

Last weekend there were several pictures across social media of the tonnes of rubbish discarded on beaches including Southport, Ainsdale, Formby and Crosby, which was subsequently picked up by workers from Green Sefton. 

Jude said: “I really feel this message has never been more important.

“Every day my feed is flooded with images from Formby, Ainsdale and Crosby beaches and it’s awful. The litter and waste is saddening and maddening in equal measure.

Children’s author Jude Lennon with That’s Our Home!

“Children are often the best advocates of change and while I realise that some of the culprits may be teenagers I am sure there are also adults who are just as guilty and who may just listen if the message comes from a young child.” 

Jude gained the idea to write That’s Our Home! after a visit to the seaside. 

She said: “My book was inspired by Formby Beach. My sister-in-law did a litter pick, found an entire picnic wrapped in a towel and buried and I was so annoyed I wrote the story. 

“It features Seagull, Crab and Starfish who talk to people on the beach to spread their important message – use a bin or take it home, keep our beaches clean.”

For more details about That’s Our Home! Please visit: littlelambpublishing.co.uk 

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