The Blue Anchor pub in Southport

A Southport pub landlady is urging people to help her print vital 3D visors to keep key workers safe from coronavirus. 

Lesley Curtin decided to help out to try and keep local workers safe from the deadly Covid-19 disease amidst a dire shortage of essential protective equipment. 

She said: “We own the Blue Anchor pub in Southport, which was among pubs which the government ordered to close last month.

“We have a 3D printer so we are just trying to help anyway we can in this scary time.

“I am printing 3D visors for anyone who wants them, hopefully locally first.

“We can do about eight a day of really slow printing.

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“I have ordered A4 Perspex for it but it won’t arrive until next Tuesday.

“Would anyone be able to help me find somewhere locally to buy from so I can get started on assembly?
“I have had loads of really worried key workers asking for one and would love to start delivering ASAP

“We have ordered A4 Clear PVC Binding Covers and if anyone knows any cheaper stockist of the filament we use for the front part, please let me know. 

“We have enough for 100 which costs about £80 so we will need to order again soon.

“The cheaper the better as we aren’t charging for the jacks just donating them.”

If anyone can help please call Lesley on 07961324745 or email:


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