A World War two shell has been discovered on Formby Beach. Photo by Rob from the NT Formby facilities team

A controlled explosion has taken place after a World War Two shell was discovered on Formby Beach. 

This remarkable picture was captured by Rob from the NT Formby facilities team. 

The British Army bomb squad ensured the safe disposal of the 1940s ordnance. 

A National Trust spokesperson said: “As Formby’s dunes naturally roll back, pieces of history are exposed. 

“Over the weekend the team were made aware of this full-sized shell, likely to be from around the time of World War Two.

“Thank you to the visitor who spotted and reported the shell. 

“We’d also like to thank the HM Coastguard Southport, Merseyside Police, and the Bomb Squad for carrying out a controlled detonation of the device to make the area safe.

“All kinds of interesting things wash up on the beach or get exposed by the tide from the dunes.

“In amongst the treasures there can be harmful bits and pieces too.

“If you find a suspicious item on the beach that you believe to be ordnance please keep a safe distance, call 999 and ask for the Police or Coastguard. If you see one of the NT Formby team out and about on site please let them know too.

“You can find out more about the impact of natural coastal change at Formby and our conservation work to care for this special place by watching our new video. Click on the link


“Thank you to Rob from the NT Formby facilities team for carefully capturing the photo.”


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