Waterstones bookshop on Lord Street in Southport. Photo by Andrew Brown Media

Waterstones bookshop has revealed that it is due to start a new chapter by relocating to a new store in Southport. 

Stand Up For Southport revealed earlier today how the store, on the corner of Lord Street and Nevill Street in the town centre, was due to make way for a new Lounge restaurant. 

Loungers UK Ltd has submitted a planning application for the scheme with a £1million investment due to create 30 new jobs. 

A spokesperson for Waterstones Southport said: “Just to reassure all our customers we are not leaving Southport, just relocating!

“We will have exciting news to share with you soon about our new store, but as people are speculating on social media we just want to clarify.

“Thank you all for being concerned but we are all fine.”  

Waterstones says it is due to move after its landlord gave the firm intent to serve notice on its current location at 367 Lord Street. 

However, the firm is committed to keeping a bookshop in the town and has already located an alternative site where it looks forward to welcoming our customers in the near future.

As soon as confirmed dates for the closure of its current site and opening of the new shop are available, we will publish them on Stand Up For Southport. 

Earlier this week, Loungers UK Limited submitted a planning application to Sefton Council to convert the ground, first and second floors of the Grade II Listed building at 367 Lord Street, plus the first floor of 3-9 Nevill Street, into its new use. 

The Design, Access and Heritage Statement for the scheme has been prepared by D2 Planning, which said: “Loungers UK Limited operates over 190 sites across the country through two brands, The Lounges and The Cosy Clubs. 

“The Lounges are located in either suburbs or market towns and are run as café / bar / restaurants – offering food from 9am until 10.30pm.

“Alcohol is also available from 10.30am, however it comprises a smaller proportion of total sales than food. 

“The Lounges are all uniquely designed, with an emphasis on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for families (as well as four legged friends). 

“The aim of every Lounge is to tie in with local customers, so that they can make of the Lounge what they will; whether a customer wants to come in for a coffee after dropping children to school, a working lunch, or a tipple after work, Lounges can provide an environment for all these purposes. 

“As well as these everyday activities, each site will be tied in with local charities and initiatives. For example, during the pandemic, a number of Lounge sites opened up to make food packages for local shelters and schools. 

“Also, they will run reading groups, young mum’s support groups, Christmas initiatives as well as a number of others. 

“Each new site will generate in the region of 30 new jobs for the local community across a variety of roles – from leadership positions to front of house staff. These staff will also have available to them a very high standard of training with regards to health and safety, licensing etc which will help prepare them for other positions in the future. 

“This is in addition to providing the best customer service available; Lounges work through creating the desire for customers to come multiple times per month, as opposed to just a special event.  

“Based on current proposals, the conversion of this property will represent an investment cost of approximately £1million. Thus, not only do Lounges create jobs for their own business, they can assist in creating an employment draw for a much wider area, across both retail and hospitality.”

The landmark building was constructed in 1925-7 and was designed by Palmer & Holden, in association with Finchett, Lancaster & Archer of London.


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