Vehicles in the Tarleton and Hesketh Bank Community Convoy Group p;araded through the two villages during Clap For Carers night in honour of young Dad Alex Lennie, who died with coronavirus aged 34. Photo by Alan Walker

A charity VJ Day Convoy which was due to take place through Hesketh Bank and Tarleton this weekend has been cancelled at the last minute by Lancashire County Council. 

The Tarleton & Hesketh Bank Community Convoy began touring the two villages earlier this year with a series of wagons and other vehicles paying tribute to the NHS and other frontline workers every Clap For Carers night. 

This Saturday (15 August) at 4pm they were due to be back in the West Lancashire villages, raising money for Queenscourt Hospice in Southport while honouring all those who served and died in the Far East during World War II.

This Saturday marks 75 years since the surrender of Japan and the official end of World War II. 

The procession was due to consist of the convoy’s usual supporters along with many classic and vintage military vehicles from this era.

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Lancashire County Council Trading Standards Manager Chris Wilkinson today sent a Direction to the convoy organisers prohibiting the Tarleton and Hesketh Bank Community Convoy Group’s Celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the VJ Day Convoy from taking place at all. 

The Direction also stated: 

That no VJ Day Convoy vehicles may gather or parade along the designated route for the intended Celebration at all.

That the organiser must advertise the cancellation of the event through the same social media platform on which he advertised the same.

The organiser must use his best endeavours to notify attendees to the event in any other way that the event has also been advertised, such as other social media platforms or via direct contact with intended attendees.

The decision is believed to have been made due to concerns over bringing down Coronavirus cases in Lancashire. Although there are no lockdown restrictions currently in place in West Lancashire, Preston was last week added onto other Lancashire areas where restrictions are currently in place. 

Speaking in the Tarleton & Hesketh Bank Community Convoy Group, one person said: “People maintained social distancing during the worst of the pandemic and my experience is that people are continuing to follow rules now such a shame when this brings so much happiness especially when we are unable to go on holiday planned a year ago. Thanks to organisers for trying.”

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