Phil Todd, founder of the Fundamental big fun game show

An online entertainment expert is brightening up lockdown for families with a madcap big fun game show.

Millions of people across the UK last month saw severe restrictions on movement imposed due to the coronavirus outbreak which means they can only leave their homes for essential work or limited exercise.

Phil Todd has now come to their rescue with Fundamental, a free, action-packed game show suitable for all ages from young children to great grandparents.

Contestants enjoy quick-fire questions, hilarious games and funny challenges with families or teams competing to win the Fundamental Cup.

Phil, who runs quizzes at pubs in Lancashire including The Farmers Arms in Longton and The Mount in Southport, said: “It is so easy for families to play, and so much fun.

“People play it via my Fundamental Live video on Facebook, which is easy for anyone to access. People don’t need to mess around with trying to download Zoom or anything.

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“There are normally around 100 people playing each night, from all over the UK – and we have also had people logging on and playing elsewhere in Europe too!”

The 47-year-old entertainer has spent the past 30 years making families laugh all over the UK.

Like many self-employed workers, he has seen his regular work disappear due to the outbreak.

But he is determined to play his part in cheering up the nation during these dark times through his free Fundamental game show.

Phil Todd, founder of the Fundamental big fun game show

Phil Todd, founder of the Fundamental big fun game show

He said: “It’s all about having fun. There are quiz questions, but none of them serious! There are lots of daft ones, so I’ll ask something like ‘what kind of balloon animal am I making’, as I am making one live on-screen!

“There are a lot of questions that you can’t Google, so it’s a lot of fun!

“It’s very interactive too. People can see me live on screen and they can comment underneath as they are playing.

“Every show we do we give away some fun prizes.

“This is all about getting people interacting, enjoying themselves and having some escape from any anxiety or isolation in these tough times during the coronavirus outbreak.”

To play Fundamental – the big fun game show click on the Fundamental page on Facebook. 

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