The Avenue in Southport. Photo by ZED Photography

The Avenue bar in Southport town centre has been applauded for its policy of clearing away unattended drinks in its bar. 

The popular live music venue on Scarisbrick Avenue last night issued a ‘Public safety notice’ to let customers know that bar staff have been instructed to clear away any drinks which have been left. 

The move has been supported by people commenting on The Avenue Facebook page. 

In their post, The Avenue said: “Unattended drinks will be removed and disposed of for the safety of all customers and our staff. 

“We had an incident last night, which concerned somebody who is in the bar / service industry, who watched the glass collector take their unattended drink, without approaching them to claim it, and then intimidated my staff into trying to get a new drink free of charge.

“There are multiple reasons why our glass collectors are trained to remove unattended drinks and glassware, and I would have thought this stood to reason for somebody who also works in this industry.

“Please keep your drinks near you and do not leave them unattended.” 

Customers gave their verdict on The Avenue Facebook page. 

Suzie Foster said: “I actually think removing unattended drinks is a brilliant idea! I’d advise that if you go to the toilet you take it with you or get your mate to look after it! Don’t waste your money on leaving a drink unattended!! With the rise of drinks being spiked it’s safer for the customer and the venue to remove them!! Xx”

Gaz Pye said: “Unattended drinks are wide open for trouble, I think this is a great policy. Keep up the great work.”

Alan Thomas said: “Good idea! And ten years of hard labour is another good idea for any scum that spike drinks.”

Megan Elizabeth said: “I’ve lost a few drinks that way in different places, but the fact it keeps me safe and I’ve been spiked before, I’ll buy another bloody drink and remember to hold onto it!”

Kris Cooper said: “I have a daughter who is about to start going out and I for one think this is a brilliant policy.” 

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