The Stand Up For Southport logo

Stand Up For Southport has had a rebrand! 

We can today reveal our new logo – we hope you like it. 

We have worked together with Southport firm Chord Print to come up with a series of potential designs, and we decided on this one. 

It’s bold, it’s modern, and it shouts loud and proud about who we are. 

The bridge logo celebrates the Marine Way Bridge, currently the most visible Southport landmark you can see as you approach our town. 

It represents our ambition to build bridges within our community and to build bridges with people who love to visit. 

We love to stand up for Southport and promote everything positive happening in our town. 

We strive to encourage a sense of pride, a sense of community spirit. 

We are always working to show Southport at its very best, and to attract new investment. 

Highlighting the amazing people who make Southport what it is is central to what we do – to that end, we are delighted to be working with Mikhail Hotel and Leisure Group and our sponsors to stage the very first Pride Of Sefton Awards at The Grand in Southport on 28th April. Look out for the shortlist being revealed very soon! 

Chord Print owner Connor Brown said: “Branding plays such an important role in your business.

“Utilising design as a communication tool, your logo is the first point of contact customers have with you. It does the talking for you, before you get a chance. Does your branding say what you want it to?

“Stand Up For Southport’s logo is all about community, feel-good news and well, Southport!

“We took these three focuses into the studio when designing Stand Up For Southport’s new logo. 

“Starting with font choice. We wanted a friendly modern font. Nothing too tabloid like but something professional.

“We wanted a nod to Southport to be in the logo. We explored integrating many of Southport’s landmarks within the shape of the logo, settling on the Marine Way Bridge. Aptly also symbolising the bridge Stand Up For Southport creates between our community. 

“Colour choice was about our feel-good focus. Bright, vibrant colours. What better feeling than walking down Southport’s sunny beaches. Pushing us into ocean blues and golden yellows.” 



Do you have a story for Stand Up For Southport? Please message Andrew Brown via Facebook here or email me at:  


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